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Cheapest Hostel in Osaka

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This video is based on our experience to booked almost We booked the Entire Hostel (Cheapest Hostel in Osaka) named is Dar House in Osaka.

After exploring for a day on the internet we finally found a Dar House hostel and it is the cheapest one in Osaka. It is almost 500 meters from the Yodo River (in Osaka). We booked 2 nights for 5 persons and the price is Rs 1100 per head/day. Dar House is a newly built house and quite nice. An Owner is an Egyptian man, he is so kind and very helpful. The other staff consists of a Japanese person that is also a super nice person. The Japanese & Egyptian even told us about the discounted ticket to the Airport.

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There is a TV in the Loung of Dar House connected with the internet with premium Youtube and Netflix access. We really enjoyed the hostel, the total capacity in the hostel is 12 persons and no other persons are there except us. We early booked 2 nights and after spending 2 days, we booked again for the next 2 days. we cooked food in the hostel for 4 days including breakfast and dinner.

Dar House offers FREE tea or coffee, they have all utensils, a big freezer, all facilities are available.


Osaka is a city located in Japan. While Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. Hanging Train or Chiba Urban Monorail is in Tokyo. Some famous Tourist attractions of Osaka are:

  • Osaka Castle
  • Dotonbori Street
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • The Omeda Sky Building
  • Tsutenkaku Tower
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  • The Tempozan Ferris Wheel and Harbor Village
  • The Kobe Port Tower
  • The National Museum of Art
  • Osaka Tennōji Zoo & Park
  • Osaka Science Museum
  • Tenmangu Shrine and the Tenjin Festival

The nearest city to Osaka is Kyoto and Hiroshima.

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