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Chiba Urban Monorail Japan: Connecting the Skies of Chiba

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Chiba Urban Monorail Japan
Chiba Urban Monorail Japan

The Chiba Urban Monorail Japan is an outstanding transportation system that has won the hearts of locals and tourists equally. With its unique design of a hanging train, competent action, and scenic route, the Chiba Urban Monorail offers a mesmerizing way to explore the city of Chiba in Tokyo.

This article is based on my experience with the world’s longest-suspended type monorail, called Chiba Urban Monorail Japan or Hanging Train during my trip to Japan in 2020. We regularly updated the post. I call it a hanging train; by ride, you can view from the sky to the city, beautiful and eye-catching views.

Chiba Urban Monorail Japan or Hanging Monorail consists of two lines monorail system located in Chiba City, Tokyo, Japan. And is not far from Narita International Airport. Chiba Urban Monorail runs every 15 minutes.

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It runs Chiba City’s Sky is a straightforward way public transportation for traveling around the city. This suspended type monorail, which trains to hang from the rail support is a nice eye-catching form of transportation, not only in Japan but also in the world.

Chiba Monorail Covers the world’s longest distance as a suspended type monorail of 15.2 km.

People are usually called Chiba Urban Monorail Hanging Train.

In this blog post, we will investigate the details of this inspiring mode of transport, including its route, station names, fares, and travel time. Let’s board on a fascinating journey through the skies of Chiba in Tokyo, Japan.

I took a ride on Chiba Urban Monorail during my trip to Japan in February 2020. I visited with my 4 friends, and we loved Japan. I am very much excited about taking a ride on Chiba Monorail. We purchased the Monorail ticket and got on the train. OMG! It was one of the best rides I have ever been. It looks fascinating when you look upwards (I mean towards the sky) hanging train.

Chiba Urban Monorail
We are taking selfie with Chiba Urban Monorail

Chiba Urban Monorail

The Chiba Urban Monorail is a prominent railway system that operates in Chiba, Japan. As one of the longest-suspended monorails in the world, it provides a beautiful and effective means of transportation for inhabitants and visitors. It Connects major areas within Chiba; the monorail is an essential part of the city’s public transit network.

History of the Chiba Urban Monorail

The idea of building a monorail in Chiba was first introduced in the 1960s to report the developing transportation needs of the city. In 1979, Construction started, and after several years of planning and development, the Chiba Urban Monorail officially opened to the public in 1988, from the time when it has become a symbol of Chiba’s development and growth.

Route and Stations

The Chiba Urban Monorail expands over a distance of approximately 15.2 kilometers, containing 18 stations alongside its route. It starts from Chiba Station, a bustling transportation hub, and extends to Chishirodai Station, covering several residential, commercial, and recreational areas. Some of the famous stations including are Chiba Park, Chiba Zoological Park, and Chiba Port Park.

Chiba Urban Monorail Lines

There are two lines of Chiba Urban Monorail. Line 1 connects Chibaminato station and Kenchomae station.

Line 2 connects Chiba station to Chishiro-dai station. There are a total of 18 stations of Chiba Urban Monorail on both lines.

Fares and Ticketing

The Chiba Urban Monorail deals with a convenient fare system that is based on the distance traveled. Passengers can purchase tickets at the stations or use Transportation Cards or Metro card called Tokyo subway ticket (IC) cards such as TOICA or PASMO for smooth entry. The fares are reasonable and offer excellent value for money, especially for those who frequently travel along the monorail’s route.

Tokyo Metro / Subway Ticket

There are different passes of Tokyo subway pass. 24-hour pass for 800 yen ($5.60), 48 hours for 1200 ($8.30), and 72 hours for 1500 yen ($10.40).

Tokyo Subway Ticket

Operational Hours

The Chiba Urban Monorail operates from early morning 6 am to 12 am late at night. The exact operational hours may vary slightly depending on the station and day of the week. It operates a bit late on weekends and holidays.

Travel Experience

Riding the Chiba Urban Monorail is an exceptional experience in itself. The monorail’s smooth design and panoramic windows offer passengers magnificent views of the city and surrounding scenes. It looks awesome when you see the road and traffic from the hanging Monorail. As the monorail floats above the streets, travelers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the pretty views of Chiba. The cozy seating and air-conditioned cabins further increase the overall travel experience.

Monorail Safety

Safety is of greatest significance on the Chiba Urban Monorail, and extensive measures have been applied to ensure a secure journey for all travelers. The monorail follows strict safety standards, with regular inspections and maintenance accompanied to guarantee the consistency of the system. Moreover, trained staff members are always present to assist passengers and handle any emergencies that may arise.

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Nearby Attractions

The Chiba Urban Monorail offers a straightforward approach to several popular attractions in Chiba. Travelers can easily reach Chiba Park, a tranquil haven in the heart of the city, or explore the Chiba Zoological Park, home to a various range of animal species. Also, the monorail offers convenient connections to Chiba Port Park, where visitors can enjoy lakeside views and recreational activities.

Tips for Riding the Monorail

When you visit Japan, then must take a ride in Chiba Urban Monorail, here are a few tips:

Plan your route in advance and familiarize yourself with the station names and their locations.

The same metro card or pass will work here as a ticket.

Take advantage of the monorail’s elevated position to appreciate the city views from a unique perception.

Be in mind Chiba Urban Monorail Time Table. The Monorail runs every 15 minutes.


The Chiba Urban Monorail is an outstanding achievement of engineering and an important part of Chiba’s transportation network. Its efficient operation, scenic route, and accessibility make it an excellent choice for both daily travelers and tourists exploring the city. By floating through the skies of Chiba, the monorail provides a unique perception of the urban landscape and allows passengers to reach their destinations restfully and quickly.

If you are visiting Tokyo, Japan then must ride on Chiba Urban Monorail or Hanging Train. It is worth visiting it.

We are on Chiba Urban Monorail or Hanging Train


Q: How long is the Chiba Urban Monorail route?

A: The Chiba Urban Monorail expands over a distance of approximately 15.2 kilometers.

Q: Are there discounts available for frequent travelers?

A: There are different passes of the Tokyo subway pass. 24-hour pass for 800 yen ($5.60), 48 hours for 1200 ($8.30), and 72 hours for 1500 yen ($10.40).

Q: Can I use the Chiba Urban Monorail to visit Chiba Port Park?

A: Yes, the Chiba Urban Monorail offers suitable connections to Chiba Port Park, letting visitors easily access the park’s attractions.

Q: Are the Chiba Urban Monorail air-conditioned?

A: Yes, the Chiba Urban Monorail is operational with air-conditioning systems, making sure of a comfortable journey for passengers.

Q: What is the best way to stay updated on the Chiba Urban Monorail operating hours?

A: It starts its operation in the early morning from 6 am to late night at 12 am. But, on weekdays and holidays, it will operate late. Check out the latest information on their website.


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