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China Bullet Train 2nd Class Review

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In this blog, we travelled in a China Bullet Train 2nd Class. Check out this blog how is our experience with China bullet train 2nd class review. This video is based on my trip from Shanghai to Wenzhou by Taxi & bus and Wenzhou to Shanghai by Chinese Bullet Train.

The distance from Wenzhou to Shanghai is approx. 600 km and I choose the Bullet train to hit back to Shanghai. Bullet train took 3 hours and 8 minutes to cover a distance of 600 km and speed was 350 km/h. Its price was RMB 206.


Among all the high-speed trains, G train (Pinyin: Gaotie, 高铁) – the fastest train in China, There are three kinds of choices to select your seats on G trains – Business Class Seat (商务座), First Class Seat (一等座) and Second Class Seat (二等座). You can decide which type of seat to take based on your physical needs, personal likes and budget.

Second Class Seats have five chairs in a row – two on one side of the aisle and three on the other. This kind of seat is much like the seats on economy class on an aeroplane, with the chair being about 17 inches (42cm) wide and the leg space 16 inches (40cm) between the two rows.

My train is called Fuxing Trains (or Fuxing Hao) are the next generation of a high-speed train, belonging to the high level of G trains. The name “Fuxing” means “rejuvenation”.

China High-Speed Trains are categorized as G Trains & D Trains: The Main Differences between G & D Trains G trains are served on the high-speed rail with a designed speed of 250 km/h – 400 km/h. While D trains are mainly served on the fast rail and some on a high-speed rail running with a designed speed from 200 km/h to 250 km/h.

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