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Doctor Treat me like a Buffalo in Thailand

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In this blog post, I mentioned a scam which was Doctor Treat me like a Buffalo. Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Its capital city is Bangkok, the currency is baht and the dialling code is +66. It is known as one of the most tourist destinations in the world. Thailand famous for its beaches, royal places, ancient ruins and temples displaying the figure of Buddha.

Peshawar Resturant in Chiang Mai

As I visited Thailand in April 2019, my trip was based on 10 days and I got sick after five days. My flight was landed at Phuket International Airport, after clearing immigration I went to the local terminal of the airport because my first destination was not Phuket, but Bangkok the capital city of Thailand.

I visited Bangkok and went to Chiang Mai by hitchhiking from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with 3 different lifts. The next day of arriving in Chiang Mai I feel very sick.

Hitchhike from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

My schedule is for going Phuket, so firstly I went to the pharmacy and bought some tablets of fever, my conditioned was not as good to stand or go somewhere, I asked the lady at the pharmacy that can I sit inside pharmacy for a moment? She said: yes, you can relax here. I just made very very compulsory shots for videos.

Chiang Mai Railway Station

I reached Chiang Mai Railway Station and asked for a sleeper class ticket, AC class, all were sold out except 3rd class seat, so, bought it. After travelling 14 hours arrived in the morning at Bangkok Airport, my flight was scheduled for the evening.

Chiang Mai Railway Station

I found a mosque at Bangkok Airport and slept there. My condition was not so good and arrived from Bangkok to Phuket with AirAsia and stay at a hostel near Patong beach. After two days of rest, I went to the Doctor because the condition was worst than before. I asked a Tuk Tuk (bike) to take me to Doctor, he left me at the Doctor clinic.


As seen from the clinic doctor will be so professional, a receptionist there and the other side doctors room. As checked by a doctor, I saw even the doctor won’t know how to hold a statoscope, after that he checked the temperature and said you need an injection on your bum. I had hard pain, so I said fine. The doctor filled up the injection (the medicine looked like water) and he just made a gesture like an animal doctor, the doctor gives the injection as doctors give to buffalo as in Pakistani villages. I just shocked by watching all of this, and then I refused for injection.

The doctor made the prescribe medicines, I came out from the doctor room and she made a bill of more than 1000 Thai baht (just for medicines), as I already shocked by the Doctor behaviour and medicine inserting in injection after refusing doctor drain out injection, I said I don’t have much money, they asked how much you have to pay, then I said 500 baht. They give me some medicine which I never used.

I just changed the hostel from Patong beach to old town in Phuket in hard sickness, the hostel owner asked me, you are looking not good, I said yes I have a hard fever, then she gives me 2 tablets and water. I stay 2 days in that hostel and totally fine. I asked about the doctor where I took medicine, she said: there are many kinds of scams including this one.

My trip days was finished as I fine and my flight was scheduled. I checked out of the hostel and thank her. She said: most welcome!

All peoples are not bad! As I got scammed by Thai doctors but not all peoples are bad some good peoples are like hostel owner lady, did so much help me to get well.

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