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Explore the Magic of Dubai Safari Park

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Dubai Safari Park
Dubai Safari Park

Imagine going on an African wildlife safari on your trip to Dubai or maybe feeding lanky giraffes or even petting cute-looking ponies! Seems fanciful, right? But it need not be, as you can do all this and more at the Dubai Safari Park. Unlike popular belief, Dubai is not all about incredible architecture and entertainment parks. The city has been striving to preserve its nature and make it an eco-friendly destination, and the Dubai Safari Park is one of the main examples of this effort.

The Dubai Safari Park is not just a regular zoo. This safari park aims to educate people about the significance of wildlife on Earth. Conservation and research activities are a part of the park to help protect and preserve the animal species in the world. With the Dubai Safari Park tickets, you can spend some quality time in the company of many interesting animals and have some fun experiences.

Dubai Safari Park – An Introduction

Dubai Safari Park was earlier known as Dubai Zoo. After facing criticism about the condition of the zoo, it went under renovation in 2012. The park reopened in 2017 as an eco-friendly park by replicating the natural environment of the animals. Today, you can meet the most popular jungle animals here. Dubai Safari Park is home to around 3000 animals from 250 species, among which 78 are mammal species. You will also find a variety of birds, reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians.

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The Villages

The Dubai Safari Park special is divided into different zones, depending on the habitats of the animals. Visitors can see the animals of different continents without traveling anywhere from Dubai. The 294 hectares of area is divided into six zones, which are called villages, five of which are populated with carnivorous and herbivorous animals.

Arabian Desert Safari

Visit the Arabian Desert Safari, a village that mirrors the Arabian Peninsula. While exploring the zone that looks like a desert, you will get to see several desert animals. The Arabian Wolf is the star attraction of this place. The smallest of the wolf species, you will get to learn a lot about this animal here. Other inhabitants of the Arabian Desert Safari are Arabian gazelle, sand gazelle, Mountain gazelle, Addax, Arabian Oryx, and Scimitar-horned oryx.

Asian Village

Dubai Safari Park Asian Village
Dubai Safari Park Asian Village

Here you get the chance to meet the animals that populate the Asian continent. The village welcomes you with an entrance that is inspired by the ornate architecture of the continent. You will get to see the Moon Bear in the Asian Village. With a crescent shape on its chest, the Moon Bear (Asian black bear) is the most fascinating member of this zone. Mandarin Duck, Southern Cassowary, and Gibbon are some other animals to see in this zone.

Explorer Village

The Explorer Village gives you the experience of going on an African safari. Here you ride on a safari bus that takes you through the jungles of Asia and Africa. You will drive the enclosures of hippos, lions, tigers, baboons, hyenas, zebras, Nile crocodiles, Sambar deer, ostrich, and more.

African Village

Dubai Safari Park African Village
Dubai Safari Park African Village

Africa is a continent most popular for its rich wildlife, and you will get to experience it in the African Village of the Dubai Safari Park. The animal of prime importance here is the African elephant. Other than the elephant, lemurs, cheetah, white lion, meerkat, gorillas, chimpanzees, etc.. It also has an exclusive reptile house with almost 50 types of reptiles. You also get to see an interesting mix of birds here.

Kids Farm

The Kids Farm is the cutest and friendliest zone in the Dubai Safari Park. It is also a petting zoo, where visitors can meet and interact with farm animals like donkeys, ponies, pygmy goats, rosella, najdi sheep, etc. It also has an aviary with birds like cockatiels, Amazon parrots, African love birds, rose-ringed parakeets, local ducks, etc. Kids will love petting and feeding the animals and birds on the farm. This zone also educates visitors about the inhabitants of the farm through guided tours.

The Wadi

Al Wadi literally means “The Valley” and is a place where you can rest and recharge while exploring the Dubai Safari Park. Enjoy a picnic while sitting beside the river and enjoying the company of ducks, swans, peacocks, and pelicans. The Wadi also has two restaurants and several kiosks where you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks.

The Experiences

The Dubai Safari Park is not limited to viewing the animals. Rather, some engaging experiences are lined up for the visitors here.

Safari Journey

The highlight of the safari park is the safari journey that happens in the Explorer Village. Did you know that the safari journey here is the biggest safari outside Africa? This guided tour lasts for 45 minutes and guests get to learn all about the animals they see during the journey. You can choose a slot between 9 am to 4.30 pm for this safari.

Feeding the Animals

Kids will have the time of their lives as they get the chance to feed animals like rhinos and giraffes and almost all the animals in the Kids Farm. Bird feeding is also available here. There are fixed times for animal and bird feedings. It is important to check them and plan your visit accordingly, so you do not miss this enjoyable experience.

Live Shows

Live shows at the Dubai Safari Park can make your visit more memorable. Birds of Prey Show and Amazing Creatures of the World Show are two shows that you should not miss. The Birds of Prey happens at the Birds of Prey Square every day at 4 p.m. You will get to see the hunting skills and flight patterns of these regal birds during the 25-minute show.

You must also see the Amazing Creatures of the World Show at the Asian Village Theater. The show presents animals like moon bears, wallabies, cassowaries, and gibbons in their natural habitat. You must also watch the Bird Show to enjoy the antics of some of the most colorful and spectacular birds in the park.

Important Information about Dubai Safari Park

Here are some important details you ought to know about Dubai Safari Park:

Safari Park Timings

The Dubai Safari Park timings are between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. throughout the week. The last entry for people with tickets is at 4 pm, and people without tickets cannot enter the park after 3.30 pm.


Dubai Safari Park
Dubai Safari Park

It is best to book your Dubai Safari Park tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line outside the park. You must check whether the tickets you buy include the zones and experiences you want to enjoy.

Food and Drinks

You cannot take outside food and drinks inside the park. You can avail yourself of the facility of eateries in the park to grab a snack, meal, or drink.

Souvenir Shop

You can visit the retail stores at the park to buy plush animals, toys, souvenirs, and gifts.


As a visit to the Dubai Safari Park requires a lot of walking, it is best to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear sunglasses, caps, and hats too. Applying sunscreen is also essential and so is keeping yourself hydrated.

It will take 4-5 hours to explore Dubai Safari Park completely, so plan your day accordingly. The safari park gives you the opportunity to take a break from city life and have a great time amidst the miracle of nature.

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