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What is WeChat App?

Here is a guide about everything you need to know about WeChat. An application of China falls heavily on everyone applications in the world, and its name is ‘WeChat’. WeChat is the Chinese language is called ‘Weixin’ (Chinese: 微信, Pinyin: Wēixìn).


This video is based on my experience of the most powerful application I have ever seen in the World. WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment application, which is made by Tencent company and the first time was launched in 2011.

WeChat is used for all kinds of platforms like text messaging, voice messaging, calling, video calling, photos, videos, group chat, group calls, etc.


What is the meaning of WeChat in Urdu? WeChat is a combination of two words, We mean us (ہم), and chat means gossips (گپ شپ، کچہری). WeChat means us gossips or our gossips (ہماری گپ شپ، اپنی کچہری).

Features of WeChat

Everything you need to know about WeChat features is:

• WeChat is based on QR code, one of most amazing features of WeChat is its ‘payment’, you just link your visa card, Mastercard, or Chinese bank card to WeChat account and you can pay by WeChat throughout china, and all transactions will deduct from your bank account.

• You can pay by WeChat to everyone like pay to Taxis metro, buses, supermarkets, restaurants, small shops, etc. You can also recharge/top-up your SIM card by WeChat.

• Make stickers by WeChat (e.g.: GIF picture)

• Post your moment on WeChat and link to Facebook. All moments will upload to Facebook too.

• Add WeChat contact through different ways:

1) The most famous method of adding WeChat contact is by QR code
2) Add by mobile number
3) Add by WeChat ID
4) Add by nearby
5) Add by shaking the mobile phone

• Share location by WeChat: there is two option for location sharing:
1) Location
2) real-time location.

• One of the most amazing features for tourists is finding halal restaurants. Instead of finding it will share the location, contact number and show you how far it is.

• WeChat also searches for the mosque and shares the location. Also, show you the prayer timing of that area. Also, WeChat has a holy Quran. Also, it has a Tilawat-e-Quran.

• WeChat also sighting the moon of Eid and the moon of Ramadan, WeChat also works as a Ruet-e-Hilal Committee. • You can give donations to the mosque or give money to the beggar, you can do it by WeChat.

• You can also do call a mobile number from WeChat, and this feature is known as ‘WeChat Out’.

Book Tickets

• WeChat also books Train tickets within China and also book flight tickets domestic and International by WeChat.

• You can also make a group, and chat with them. It allows up to 500 members in the WeChat group. But maintaining a group is very difficult, because if a member posted some materials that do not follow community guidelines then the member can go to jail and group admin too.

• WeChat censor board is very strict. It censors everything including your messages, posts, and comments if you find something that did not follow community guidelines and you will be jailed.

• You can also book hotels, order food, do online shopping, and do many things by WeChat.

• WeChat also counts your whole day steps when you walk, and this feature is known as WeRun.

• It is also translating WeChat messages inside from any language to your preferred language.

• You can order Taxis on WeChat like Uber, Careem, or Grab. And this Taxi’s name is ‘DiDi Taxi’

• You can pay offline to supermarkets means without internet.

WeChat is still developing new features and if you are in China you can’t survive without WeChat China.

Chinese words for Copy & Paste

天方时间 – for finding restaurants, mosque, prayer time, etc.

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