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Free Couchsurfing Account Verification in 2022

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Free Couchsurfing Account Verification
Free Couchsurfing Account Verification

How to get free account verification ??

In this blog post, you will learn how to get free Couchsurfing account verification in 2022. Just read the full post and follow these steps to get verified.

Couchsurfing account verification is now available for free. You have to host a Couchsurfing member to get the verified account for free. A verified member can enjoy all the benefits available on Couchsurfing.com. However, the free verified account status will not be permanent. To get verified status on Couchsurfing, they have subscription fees of USD 60 for 1 year.


Basically, Couchsurfing is a group of people who open their homes/couches/beds/floors to other travelers for free. The experience is amazing, just a free place to sleep.

Benefits of a verified account

According to my Couchsurfing experiences, the most important benefits you get after getting a verified account are:

1 – Unlimited Requests
Being a verified account you can be sent unlimited requests while an unverified account just sends 10 requests a day.
2 – Verified Badge
Your Couchsurfing account will get a green verification badge, you have more chances to send/receive requests from hosts or guests.

How to verify a free Couchsurfing account – step-by-step guide

For Couchsurfing free account verification, follow this step-by-step guide –

Step 1:
A member can get a verified account for 3 months after hosting a Couchsurfing member.
Step 2:
The host (You) must confirm the couch request after accepting it.
Step 3:
After the stay, the host and guest should write a reference for each other, it should be as a ‘Host’ or ‘Guest’ and make sure not a ‘personal’ reference.
Step 4:
After writing references from both sides ‘Host’ & ‘Guest’, your (Host) account will automatically be verified.

This offer can only be avail once per guest. It means hosting the same guest more than once will not get the reward. Hosting a guest will give you free Couchsurfing account verification for three months. Usually, on hosting a Couchsurfing member you will get a 3-month verified account and you will get a maximum of 01 year of free verified membership of Couchsurfing.


How much does Couchsurfing cost?

You could find a host quicker if you have a verified Couchsurfing account. Now, there are two ways to pay to the Couchsurfing website for verification.

By Paypal and by Credit/Debit card. Only, once they charge USD 60 for life.

Delete Couchsurfing account

How to delete the Couchsurfing account?

Actually, you can delete the Couchsurfing account but you can deactivate your Couchsurfing account.

Let’s first go to your Couchsurfing Dashboard

Click on the setting Tab, click on Accounts & Settings in the setting Tab, Now you are on Account & Settings page dashboard

Scroll down the page, look down on your right-hand side, and click on Deactivate my account.

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