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How do I get AdSense Approval? in 48 hours

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How do I get AdSense Approval in 48 hours
How do I get AdSense Approval in 48 hours

This blog post is about how do I get AdSense Approval in 48 hours. Google AdSense is one of the best Advertising platforms to Monetize your content. There are many competitors trying to make google AdSense place, but Adsense top all of them. Everyone knows AdSense is best, there is no hidden secret.

AdSense process is not that simple for approval. Google wants to be the best people in a partnership who can bring more value to the network by providing the best quality content.

There are some strict policies while applying as a new application for partner programs. Many peoples from Asia often get rejected while applying the first time due to some mistakes.

Basic Tips while applying Google AdSense

There are a few basic things you need to keep in mind while applying Google AdSense as a new application. With these basics implementing in your blog, there is a big chance that your Google AdSense application gets approved.


It is always try to get top-level domain like .com and this is a paid, not free.

I recommend you don’t buy the only domain first. Most of the hosting servers provide domain free for 1 year while purchasing their hosting plans.

Domain Age

Domain age does matter. In my case, I got an approval on the fifteenth day from the day of the purchased domain. I have written some content, not on a blank website. But, most probably it takes 3-6 months.

Web Hosting

If you are using free hosting and applying for Google AdSense approval, so be prepared for rejection. Do buy some good hosting services for your blog website. Sadly, the free blog doesn’t work.

Content Writing

Google always expects bloggers to write the best quality over quantity content. The content should be original, your content, not copied from someone, in other words, your content must be unique, and Google likes unique content.

Reminder: when you are applying for Google AdSense, every account gets verified by a person, not by a computer.

Contact us page/ About us/Privacy Policy Page

Contact us page shows your contact details for visitors who can get in touch with you. About us page as the name tells the visitors about you. The privacy policy is one of the essential requirements for AdSense. The privacy policy page tells visitors what information you can collect etc.

Number of Posts

I believe, the number of posts does not matter before applying for Google AdSense. I honestly to say you, I only had 15 posts in 15 days when I got my account approved.

Many peoples get rejected after 100+posts while many get approval with just a few posts. One of my teachers had 3 blog posts while he got AdSense approved. It depends on your quality of content that matters a lot.

Blog Traffic

You do not need to have much traffic while applying for Google AdSense. But there is some number of visitors at least. However, the traffic should be arriving from reliable sources like Google search engine and social media.

Google doesn’t like paid traffic and it likes organic traffic.

Blog Design

It is very important to have a suitable blog website design. The blog should be looks professional and easy to navigate. Remember your account will be verified by a person, not a computer.

Original Identity

Google AdSense should be applied with your real name, no nickname included. Make sure you fill all the required fields of the AdSense application form correctly and fill the form with your real name.

Good Luck!

Hence! Google AdSense approved!

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