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How to get Malaysia Sticker Visa on Pakistani Passport?

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UPDATED: 20th December 2019

How to get Malaysia Sticker Visa on Pakistani Passport? (from China)

This is a full guide about how to get Malaysia sticker visa on Pakistani passport from China. Nowadays, travelling to Malaysia has been easier. There are two ways to get a Malaysian visa. The first is: go to the consulate or embassy and second is eVisa.

How to Apply Malaysian Visa through Consulate or Embassy

I visited Malaysia in March 2019 for the first time. For my trip, I went to the Malaysian Embassy, Shanghai, China. I got a Malaysian Visa in three working days. The documents required for a visa are:

  • Visa Application
    One complete visa application form
  • Two Photos
  • Visa copy (Resident permit)
    If you are holding a valid Resident Permit, Working Permit or Student Pass of China.
  • Air Ticket
    A copy of confirmed and paid air ticket.
  • Hotel Bookings
    Confirmed hotel booking or invitation letter from Malaysia
  • Visa Fees
    Visa Fees is RMB 250, non-refundable (in cash).
  • Other Supporting documents (Mandatory)


Other Supporting Documents

Proof Letter (Student or Employment )

I applied from China, Visa Malaysia asked me to give us proof that you are a student. So, a letter with the name ‘Proof of Enrolment’ obtained from your university, where you are studying. Same, if you are an employer then need ‘Proof of Enrolment’ which is obtained from your company.

Bank Statement (No Need)

There is no requirement of bank statement for applying Malaysia visa.

Picture inside the consulate of VISA MALAYSIA
Documents required for Single Entry visa for Foreigners
Sample visa application form

Disclaimer: This information is collected from ‘VISA MALAYSIA’ consulate from Shanghai. This guide doesn’t guarantee anyone a visa, but it will be helpful for you may have regarding the process.

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