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Jaffar Express Train Timing and Ticket Price

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Jaffar Express Train Timing and Ticket Price
Jaffar Express Train Timing and Ticket Price

This is an updated blog on the internet according to Jaffar Express. You can visit Pakistan on a single train Jaffar Express Train Timing and Ticket Price. Single Train Travels four provinces means that A-Train runs across Pakistan and connects four provinces including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan. All the information mentioned in the blog is authentic and is taken from Pakistan Railways’ official website.

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Jaffar Express Stations/stops

Jaffar Express Train runs from Peshawar to Quetta and Quetta to Peshawar daily. Jaffar Express has 36 stations/stops which include:

  1. Peshawar Cantt
  2. Peshawar City
  3. Nowshera Junction
  4. Jahangira Road
  5. Attock City Junction
  6. Rawalpindi
  7. Gujar Khan
  8. Jhelum
  9. Kharian Cant
  10. Lala Musa Junction
  11. Gujrat
  12. Wazirabad Junction
  13. Gujranwala
  14. Lahore Junction
  15. Lahore Cantt
  16. Raiwind Junction
  17. Pattoki
  18. Okara
  19. Sahiwal
  20. Chichawatni
  21. Mian Channun
  22. Khanewal Junction
  23. Multan Cantt
  24. Bahawalpur
  25. Khanpur Junction
  26. Rahim Yar Khan
  27. Sadikabad
  28. Ghotki
  29. Pano Akil
  30. Rohri Junction
  31. Sukkur
  32. Shikarpur
  33. Jacobabad Junction
  34. Dera Allahyar
  35. Dera Murad Jamali
  36. Bakhtiarabad Domki
  37. Sibi Junction
  38. Ab-I-Gum
  39. Mach
  40. Kolpur
  41. Quetta

Jaffar Express Time Table 2023

Jaffar Express Train is a Pakistani passenger train. It connects four provinces of Pakistan. Its timetable is given below:

Jaffar Express 39 UP Peshawar to Quetta Timings

The Jaffar Express Train 39 UP, starts its journey from Peshawar Cantt early at 07:00 am early in the morning and arrives at Quetta Railway station at 17:10. The whole journey is about 34 hours and 10 minutes.

S.NOStations NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
1Peshawar Cantt07:00
2Peshawar City07:0907:10
3Nowshera Junction07:4007:42
4Jahangira Road08:0008:02
5Attock City Junction08:4008:42
7Gujar Khan11:3011:32
9Kharian Cantt13:0913:11
10Lala Musa Junction13:3013:32
12Wazirabad Junction14:0714:09
14Lahore Junction15:5016:25
15Lahore Cantt16:3816:40
16Raiwind Junction17:1517:20
21Mian Channun20:2120:23
22Khanewal Junction21:0521:10
23Multan Cantt21:5522:15
25Khanpur Junction01:2301:25
26Rahim Yar Khan01:5701:59
29Pano Akil04:0004:05
30 Rohri Junction05:0005:25
33Jacobabad Junction08:0008:15
34Dera Allahyar08:3008:32
35Dera Murad Jamali09:0009:02
36Bakhtiarabad Domki10:0610:08
37Sibi Junction11:4012:10
Jaffar Express 39 UP Peshawar to Quetta Timings

Jaffar Express 40 DN Quetta to Peshawar Timings

The Jaffar Express Train 40 DN, starts its journey from Quetta at 09:00 am and arrives at Peshawar Cantt station at 19:00 on the next day. The whole journey is about 34 hours and 00 minutes.

S.NOStationsArrival timeDeparture time
5Sibi Junction13:3514:05
6Bakhtiarabad Domki15:1215:14
7Dera Murad Jamali16:1616:18
8Dera Allahyar16:5716:59
9Jacobabad Junction17:2517:40
12Rohri Junction20:1520:40
13Pano Akil21:0521:10
16Rahim Yar Khan23:2923:31
17Khanpur Junction00:2000:22
19Multan Cantt03:3003:50
20Khanewal Junction04:4004:45
21Mian Channun04:2404:26
26Raiwind Junction08:2008:25
27Kot Lakhpat08:4908:51
28Lahore Cantt09:0509:07
29Lahore Junction09:2510:00
31Wazirabad Junction11:3011:32
33Lala Musa Junction12:2012:22
34Kharian Cant12:3412:36
36 Gujar Khan14:1414:16
38Attock City Junction17:0817:10
39Jahangira Road17:4517:47
40Nowshera Junction18:0518:07
41Peshawar City18:4518:46
42Peshawar Cantt19:00
Jaffar Express 40 DN Quetta to Peshawar Timings

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Jaffar Express has Economy, AC Sleeper, AC Lower/Standard, and AC Business class arrangements. The Jaffar Express number according to Pakistan Railways which runs from Peshawar to Quetta is 39 UP and Quetta to Peshawar is 40 DN (down).

The whole journey is about 1632 km which takes 34 hours and 00 minutes to complete. The total number of stations on the Jaffar Express Train 39UP is 40, whereas 40DN has a total of 41 stops.

Jaffar Express Ticket Prices

The Jaffar Express Train from Peshawar Cantt to Quetta ticket price of economy class is Rs 4350 for the seat (Berth costs Rs 4450). The AC Business class is about Rs 10,000 for both seats and a berth, the AC Sleeper is 13,750 and the AC Standard is 8650. For more price details see the below Table:

Class TypeFare Berth (PKR)Fare Seat (PKR)
AC Business1000010000
AC Lower / Standard86508650
AC Sleeper1375013750
Jaffar Express Ticket Prices

Jaffar Express Online Booking Ticket

The Jaffar Express Train ticket can be booked online through the official Pakistan Railways website or Mobile App. Pay the ticket price through JazzCash, Easypaisa, or VisaCard/MasterCard. It is compulsory to make an account on the official website or app while booking an online ticket.

Jaffar Express Route Map

Jaffar Express Route Map
Jaffar Express Route Map

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