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Kalash Valley Festivals

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Kalash Valley Festivals
Kalash Valley FestivalsShutterstock image

If you are planning to visit Kalash Valley then must visit Kalash Valley festivals. A complete guide is here. Explore the beautiful valleys of Kalash Rumbur, Bumburet, and Birir.

Kalash Valley Festivals

Kalash Festivals are one of the very rare and unique festivals for Pakistanis and tourists around the world. It never happens elsewhere on the earth. Kalash people celebrate many festivals around the year.

Bumburet is the biggest valley of Kalash in district Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


Chilam Joshi (Spring Festival)

Chilam Joshi celebration is one of the most vibrant Kalash festivals. Chilam Joshi is also famous as the Spring Festival of Kalash. Chilam Joshi celebrates for four days in the Kalash valleys of Rumbur, Bumburet, and Birir. A large number of local and international tourists come to attend this festival every year.

Chilam Joshi spring festival starts with ‘Milk Day’. The Kalash people store milk from their households ten days before the festival and offer it to people on the day of the festival. They pray for blessings of God and well-off years for agriculture, health, and safety of their people.

Chilam Joshi Festival Time

Choimus Kalash Festival
Choimus Kalash FestivalShutterstock image

The motto of the Chilam Joshi Kalash festival is that men and women can find themselves a life partner to get married. Men and women wear traditional clothes, especially lovely colors, and make hairstyles with the pattern of flowers on them. They wear heavy necklaces and heavy headgear on the head. While men wear traditional Shalwar Kameez (Pakistan Men Clothes) with a waistcoat that looks handsome.

They dance and sing together in a group of circles on drum beats. This festival brings smiles to the people of Kalash Valley. They choose their life partners and reveal their names on the last day of the festival.

Choimus (Winter Festival)

Choimus is also known as Chitirmas, it is a winter festival of the Kalash people. Choimus Kalash Winter Festival is among the four festivals that the people of Kalash Valley celebrate. UNESCO tilted Kalash culture a Cultural Heritage in November 2018.

Choimus Festival Time

Uchal Kalash Festival
Uchal Kalash Festival

Uchal (Summer Festival)

Uchal, also known as Utchal, is a summer festival of Kalash people. People thank God for blessing them with suitable food and crops. Corn, Buttermilk, and Cheese are made to celebrate the Uchal festival.

People of the valley go to a high mountain which is situated outside the village in Balangkuru where they pray to God. The long dancing night begins after the prayer at the plateau. Uchal festival is relocated to different places in the valleys and it continues for many days.

Kalash Festival Dates

Chilam Joshi (Spring Festival)13th May to 16th May
Uchal (Summer Festival)20th August to 22nd August
Choimus (Winter Festival)15th December to 22nd December
Kalash Festival dates

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