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Karachi To Khunjerab Solo Bike Ride

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Karachi To Khunjerab Solo Bike Ride
Karachi To Khunjerab Solo Bike Ride

This blog post is a full guide about Karachi To Khunjerab Solo Bike Ride. How much distance to cover in a day? where to stop? how many days to get to Khunjerab Pass? Solo Bike Ride. If you are planning to ride to Khunjerab (China Border) from Karachi as a solo rider, then this is a blog post for you.

Well, Khunjerab Pass is on the northeast of Karachi. We measured the distance from Karachi Cantt Railway Station to Khunjerab Pass. The distance is about 2,139 km if you ride by bike or car according to google maps, yeah! but, of course, no one can drive as long, we should need breaks, nape etc.


Khunjerab Pass (China Border)

One of the finest landscapes on the road indicates the Pakistan China border. The views are breathtaking, the border itself looks very beautiful, it is bordered by snowcapped mountains and it is really really cold. It’s an attractive place, you’d only wish you could go to the border to China from here.

Khunjerab name is derived from two words of a local language called Wakhi. The “Khun” means blood and “Jerab” means a stream coming from a spring or waterfall. Khunjerab Pass or Khunjerab Top, natives usually called Pakistan – China border. It is the highest border crossing in the world with an altitude of 4,693 m (15397) in the Karakoram mountains.

Khunjerab China border is a very beautiful place, especially for snow lovers. It’s dangerous to travel in the evening because of too much cold even in June July.

The army patrols are also very chivalrous and nice.

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Facilities at Khunjerab Pass

There are no dining places, hotels here but be aware, there are long queues for the toilet usage and they charged about 50 rupees per person.

China Border in Snow covered Mountains
China Border in Snow-covered Mountains

Solo Bike Ride Itinerary

Day 1 Karachi To Hyderabad

The weather of Karachi and Khunjerab is completely opposed to each other. Karachi has hot summer while Khunjerab is freezing both in the summer and winter season too. Let’s start your ride in the evening around 04:00 pm. Choose first stop is Hyderabad, the 8th biggest city of Hyderabad, also known as the city of winds. The distance from Karachi to Hyderabad is about 160 km and the bike will take only 3 hours to reach Hyderabad. There are two routes to Hyderabad: 1st route is National Highway (N-5) through Makli, Thatta and Kotri. The other is through M-9 Motorway, the bike is allowed on it.

Backpacking in Pakistan

Backpacking in Packistan

2 – weeks itinerary

Day 2 Hyderabad To Rahim Yar Khan

The distance from Hyderabad to Rahim Yar Khan is about 515 km by N-5 Highway. You have to start ride early in the morning. The bike will nearly take 9 hours non-stop. But, the bike needs to stop and cool down, so approximately this ride will take 12 hours to reach.

Day 3 Rahim Yar Khan To Lahore

The distance from Rahim Yar Khan To Lahore is approximately 610 km by N-5. Today, also start early morning ride and it will take 14 to 15 hours (with stops) to reach Lahore.

Day 4 Lahore To Rawalpindi/Islamabad

The distance is from Lahore to Rawalpindi/Islamabad is about 280 km by N-5. Early morning ride feels you pleasant, nice weather and fresh cool air. This ride will take 8 hours to reach the destination.

Day 5 Rawalpindi/Islamabad To Naran

The distance from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Naran Valley is about 250 km by N-5, N- 35 and N-15. You have to leave National Highway (N-5) at Hassan Abdal which you was following the previous 5 days from Karachi. Now, turn to Karakoram Highway (N-35), after crossing Abbottabad, you can take the bypass road of Mansehra which is N-15. On this route, you will see a glimpse of mountains. The main cities mentioned by sequence here which will come in this route are Rawalpindi/Islamabad > Wah > Hassan Abdal > Abbottabad > Balakot > Kaghan > Naran. The time to travel is about 8 to 10 hours approximately.

Day 6 Naran To Hunza (Aliabad)

The distance from Naran to Hunza valley is about 317 km and it will take about 8 to 10 hours. Babusar Top is 70 km from Naran. Its altitude is about 15,700 ft and it is cold even in summer and it is closed in winters due to snow. Now after crossing Babusar Top, 48 km is Chilas Zero Point on again N-35. Chilas is a point where N-15 Naran Highway meets Karakoram Highway. The road condition is too bad from Chilas Zero Point to RaiKot Bridge. Raikot Bridge is a bridge on the river where you can go trekking Fairy Meadows.

Raikot Bridge to Gilgit is about 66 km, road condition is really really good. The Hunza route already bypasses Gilgit city.

Khunjerab China border
Khunjerab China border

Day 7 Hunza To Khunjerab Pass To Gilgit

Today is the day you will see the magnificent landscapes, snow-covered mountains, forts, sceneries, tunnels, lakes, etc. If you are staying in Aliabad or Karimabad of Hunza. Wake up early in the morning and see the beautiful snow-covered mountains. Pack your bags as early as possible and stops at Sost for breakfast which is 70 km from Alibabad. On the way to Sost, you will cross the longest tunnels, amazing Attabad Lake on your left-hand side. Sost is the last populated area towards Khunejrab. Take some biscuits, snacks, water with you, because nothing is available onwards to the border.

There is a check post ahead of Sost which is the National Khunjerab Pass check post. It is 70 km from Khunjerab Pass. I had been charged Rs 100 (for the National Park fee). Now there is another check post 200 meters from the previous one. They will register you and your bike number because you are going towards the border area and they will give you a piece of paper, you have to return back when you get back.

Now the third check post, the border is close which is approximately 17 km. Congrats! you did it. Your happiest moment of the Karachi to Khunjerab journey. Take selfies, take some pictures, meet some people and enjoy your day.

Only Pakistanis rush to the China border, no one Chinese on the other side of Khunjerab Pass (China border).

Khunjerab Pass is cold throughout the year, be prepare warm clothes with you. It is closed in winter because of too much snow and opens in summer but the weather is too cold in summer too. Temperatures remain below the freezing point even in June and July too.

In this route. you can see Pakistan’s National animal “Markhor”. And that’s why it’s been charged Rs 100.

Now, it’s time to get back. In the evening you will arrive at Gilgit.

Day 8 Gilgit To Naran

Now, it’s easy to remember the route and distance. Today reach at Naran.

Day 9 Naran To Rawalpindi

Now you have the experience of a long ride. I travelled from Gilgit to Islamabad in a day, almost 15 hours ride, 7 hours non-stop ride.

Day 10 Rawalpindi To Karachi

I know the rider is tired and don’t want to ride for 3 days to reach Karachi. Just arrive at Rawalpindi Railway station and bilty your bike on the same train as you are travelling. You can your bike will be shipped on the same train. The journey takes 22 hours to 26 hours to reach Karachi.

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Necessary Documents

  • Take CNIC
  • Bike Papers
  • Driving licence

Note: All routes mentioned here, are considered to be on bike rides. Feel free to gives us feedback in the comment section.

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