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Kosovo Visa for Pakistan

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Kosovo Visa for Pakistan
Kosovo Visa for Pakistan

This blog is a guide about Kosovo Visa for Pakistan. Kosovo is located in South-Eastern European countries, it shares borders with Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia. Kosovo formally the Republic of Kosovo, is a somewhat identified state established on 17th February 2008, Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia.

The capital of Kosovo is Pristina, the dialling code is +383 and the currency is Euro. Kosovo population is about 1.81 million as of 2020 and it covers an area of 10,887-kilometre square.


Population of Kosovo

According to the European Social Survey in 2012, the population of Kosovo was 88% Muslims, 5.8% Catholic etc. There are approximately 500 Mosques in Kosovo and they are expanded all over the country.

Kosovo Visa

Before you travel to Kosovo, you need to learn about Kosovo’s visa requirements and find out whether you need a visa or not?

Kosovo embassy does not exist in Pakistan. Turkey was the first to admit the embassy of Kosovo. There are not only 115 countries in the world yet that proved a separate country. Like Turkey visa is difficult, if you have a fresh passport. But, you can easily get a Thailand visa on a Fresh passport. You can get a Kosovo visa from Thailand when you have a plan to visit.

How to get a Kosovo visa?

As you know, when you are applying for a visa from there to any country, you need the bank statement and work permit of the country. But, the good thing about Kosovo is that you can apply for a visa without having a bank statement and work permit.

Documents for Kosovo visa

Prepare your documents from Pakistan and get along with you. The visa fees of a visa are Euro 40 (Rs 7,300) for Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Prepare documents yourself or can consult any consultant.

Make two copies of every document said by Kosovo embassy. The documents are:

  • Picture (Passport Size)
    The picture must be passport size with a background
  • Passport
    Passport must be valid for at least 6-months
  • Flight reservation
    Reserve a dummy booking or consult an agent, he will reserve for you.
  • Hotel booking
    You can book or reserve hotels or hostels by clicking this link without payment.
  • Bank Statement
    Bank Statement is compulsory for Kosovo visa.
  • Travel itinerary
    A travel itinerary is basically a travel plan that includes where you stay, which places do you visit, flight arrival departure details, etc.
  • Travel insurance
    You can find cheap travel insurance in Pakistan from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 (Pakistani Rupees)
  • NTN Copy
    if you don’t know about NTN, consult an agent.

Embassy of Kosovo

Embassy of Kosovo location and Address Bangkok Thailand

This is the official website of the embassy of Kosovo in Bangkok Thailand (www.mfa-ks.net/en). The embassy remains open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Suggestion for visa

Firstly, get a Thailand visa, which is valid for 3-Months. Now, prepare documents for the Kosovo visa. Scan all the documents and send them in the email (embassy.thailand@rks-gov.net) to the embassy and mentioned that you have completed all the documents. Please check and make an appointment. After getting a reply from the embassy, go to Thailand and apply for a visa.

You can also apply for a Kosovo visa from Turkey and the UAE too.

Sticker / eVisa of Kosovo

Actually, eVisa is not applicable for the citizens of Pakistan. A beautiful sticker visa of Kosovo is pasted on your passport. Kosovo tourist visa is required for citizens of Pakistan.

Best Time to visit Kosovo

The best time to visit Kosovo is from May to October. It is the best season to visit because before that time too much cold in Kosovo. It’s not suitable, but the weather can vary from person to person. Some people visit in the normal season while some enjoy cold weather.

Kosovo visa FAQs

Q: Can I get a Kosovo visa on a Tourist visa in Thailand?
A: The good thing is that a person can apply for a visa as a tourist in Thailand.

Q: Is Kosovo visa issues eVisa for Pakistanis?
A: No. Pakistani Nationals are required to get a sticker visa.

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