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Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project Details

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Lahore Orange Line

Lahore Orange Line is a connected automatic mass rapid transit system in the city of Lahore Pakistan. It is now completed and it’ll grand opening on this month 25 October 2020. The Orange Line is the initial railway system line within the entire country. The previous one, since the urban city Karachi Circular Railway was started in 1969 so enclosed in 1999.

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Lahore Orange Line Metro Stations

The Orange Line Metro is the first line of the initiated three metro lines for the Lahore Metro. The Orange Line metro spreads over 27.1 km (16.8 mi). The elevated distance (on flyover) is 25.4 km (15.8 mi) while 1.72 km (1.1 mi) is underground. The Orange Line has 26 metro stations. 24 stations are elevated while 2 stations are underground. The orange metro line is expected to handle 250,000 passengers daily.

Orange Line Metro
Orange Line Metro – Shutterstock

Orange Line Metro Train Project Details

Funding for the Orange Metro Line

The Orange Line is part of the project CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and it is financed by both the Government of Pakistan & the Government of China.


May 2014:

The project has signed a communication of understanding between the governments of Pakistan and China.

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December 2015

Funding for the project was secured when Exim Bank in China agreed to provide a loan of $1.55 billion for the project.

October 2015
Construction works begin on the project.

October 2015
Habib Construction Services awarded the first phase of funding is Rs 21.49 billion (US $130 million).

October 2016
Phase 2 of the project was awarded to ZKB Engineers and Constructions for civil work between Chauburji and Ali Town for 11.39 billion rupees.

12 January 2017
7 laborers die at a makeshift residence for Orange Line construction workers.

16 May 2017
CRRC ZhuZhou Locomotive rolled the first of 27 trains for the Orange Line metro.

March 2018
Testing and trial runs began.

May 2018
Punjab Chief Minister was present at the first test run of Orange Line Metro Lahore.

Stations of Orange Line Metro Lahore

The Orange Line Metro has 26 stations. The 24 stations are on flyover while 2 stations Anarkali and Central stations are underground. Underground stations have automatic doors between platforms and trains. Air conditioning is in public areas during hot months. Flyover stations have natural ventilation throughout the platforms with localized air conditioning in public areas of the ticket hall level.

The Terminal stations of Orange Line Metro are Ali Terminal & Dera Gujran Terminal

  1. Ali Town (Terminal) 
  2. Thokar Niaz Baig
  3. Canal View
  4. Hanjarwal
  5. Wahadat
  6. Awan
  7. Sabzazar
  8. Shahnoor
  9. Salahuddin
  10. Bund
  11. Samanabad
  12. Gulshan-e-Rizvi
  13. Chauburji
  14. Anarkali
  15. Central station – GPO
  16. Lakshmi chowk
  17. Lahore Junction station
  18. UET
  19. Baghbanpura
  20. Shalimar Gardens
  21. Pakistan Mint
  22. Mahmood Booti
  23. Salamatpura
  24. Islam Bagh
  25. Wadha
  26. Dera Gujran Terminal

Route map of Lahore Orange Line Metro stations

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