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Last Train Station of Malaysia Padang Besar

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In this video, I took a train from Arau Railway Station to Padang Besar, the last train station of Malaysia and the ticket is about Ringgit 12 for ETS Train (Fast Train) while the normal train is about Ringgit 3.20.

I walked almost 2 kilometres to reach Arau Railway Station followed by Google map, on one spot, Google map said, turn left but there were Railway tracks surrounded by covering wires, I saw one small gate for cross the railway track but it was locked, you can see this story on this video (01:08).


Padang Besar is the last train station in Malaysia. At this station, you can take a train to Thailand. There were many passengers filling their immigration forms. As I reached got surprised at Padang Besar Railway Station, suddenly I received an SMS on my SIM card that was ‘Welcome to Thailand’ and mobile time was changed Malaysian time to Thailand time. After that, I watched to Grab app, the fare was also in Thailand currency ‘baht’.

On the way to going Couchsurfing host, saw some Ostrich and Deers. I listened, Lions are open in the forests in Kangar.

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