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Multan to Lahore Train Timing | Musa Pak Ticket Price

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Multan to Lahore Train Timing
Multan to Lahore Train Timing

If you are looking for a Multan to Lahore train timing and ticket price, then you are in the right place. In this blog, all information on ticketing prices and the timetable of the Musa Pak Express train.

The train journey from Lahore Junction to Multan Cantt Railway station is popular for travelers looking for a comfortable and pretty way to move between these two prominent cities in the heart of Pakistan. The approximately 345-kilometer route takes passengers through diverse landscapes, including lush agricultural fields, rural villages, deserts, and urban areas.

Train Journey from Multan to Lahore

Travelers can expect a variety of train services, from the faster and more luxurious options like the Shalimar Express or Tezgam, to slower like Khyber Mail Express or Sukkur Express, more economical trains. The choice of service often depends on individual preferences and budget limitations.

As the train departs from Lahore, passengers can enjoy the view of the historic cityscape before gradually traveling into the more rural areas of Punjab. The train passes by numerous cities, towns, and villages, providing a glimpse into the local way of Punjab life. Along the journey, passengers can purchase snacks and refreshments from vendors who regularly make their way through the train’s carriages.

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As the train approaches Multan, the landscape transforms, and the city’s unique architecture and vibrant culture become more distinct. Multan is known for its rich history, bustling bazaars, and famous shrines, making it a destination worth exploring.

Overall, the train journey from Lahore to Multan not only offers an efficient mode of transportation but also a chance to experience the beauty and diversity of Punjab’s landscape and the cultural richness of these two cities. It’s an excellent way to immerse in the heart of Pakistan while traveling in comfort.

Musa Pak Express

The Musa Pak Express is a daily public passenger train that operates between Multan and Lahore in Pakistan. It makes several stops along its route, including Khanewal, Mian Channu, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Okara, Pattoki, Raiwind, and Kot Lakhpat. The train’s route number is 115 UP for the journey from Multan to Lahore and 116 Down for the return trip. The total journey covers a distance of approximately 335 kilometers and takes around 5 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

Musa Pak Express Train Route
Musa Pak Express Train Route

The Musa Pak Express offers various classes of service, including Economy, AC Business, AC Standard, and Parlor Car. It provides a convenient and comfortable transportation option for passengers traveling between Multan and Lahore.

The below table shows the ticket price of Multan Cantt to Lahore Junction.

FromToAC Business (Seat & Berth)AC Standard (Seat & Berth)Economy (Berth)Economy (Seat)Parlor (Seat & Berth)
Lahore JnMultan Cantt1700145010009501800

The below table shows the ticket price for Lahore Junction to Multan Cantt station.

FromToAC Business (Seat & Berth)AC Standard (Seat & Berth)Economy (Berth)Economy (Seat)Parlor (Seat & Berth)
Multan CanttLahore Jn1700145010009501800

Multan to Lahore Train Ticket Price

FromToAC Business (Seat & Berth)AC Standard (Seat & Berth)Economy (Berth)Economy (Seat)Parlor (Seat & Berth)
Multan CanttKhanewal Jn650600300250650
Multan CanttMian Channun650600400350800
Multan CanttChichawatni750700650600800
Multan CanttSahiwal1000850700650950
Multan CanttOkara115010007006501200
Multan CanttPattoki135011509509001500
Multan CanttRaiwind Jn.1550135010009501650
Multan CanttKot Lakhpat1600145010009501750
Multan CanttLahore Jn1700145010009501800
Khanewal JnMultan Cantt650600300250650
Khanewal JnMian Channun650600300250650
Khanewal JnChichawatni650600300250750
Khanewal JnSahiwal750700650600800
Khanewal JnOkara850850650600900
Khanewal JnPattoki115010007006501200
Khanewal JnRaiwind Jn135010509509001400
Khanewal JnKot Lakhpat13501150 9509001500
Khanewal JnLahore Jn.1450 12009509001600
ChichawatniPattoki750700 650600800
ChichawatniRaiwind Jn1000850 700650950
ChichawatniKot Lakhpat1050900 7006501200
ChichawatniLahore Jn.11501000 7006501200
Mian ChannunChichawatni650600 300250650
Mian ChannunSahiwal650600 350300750
Mian ChannunOkara750700 600550800
Mian ChannunPattoki850850 650600900
Mian ChannunRaiwind Jn11501000 7006501200
Mian ChannunKot Lakhpat12001050 8007501250
Mian ChannunLahore Jn.13501150 9509001400
SahiwalMultan Cantt1000850700650950
SahiwalKhanewal Jn750700650600800
SahiwalPattoki700700 350350750
SahiwalRaiwind Jn.750700 650600800
SahiwalKot Lakhpat850850 650600900
SahiwalLahore Jn.1000950 700650950
OkaraMultan Cantt115010007006501200
OkaraKhanewal Jn850850650600900
OkaraRaiwind Jn650700300250750
OkaraKot Lakhpat750700 600550800
OkaraLahore Jn750700 650600800
PattokiMultan Cantt135011509509001500
PattokiKhanewal Jn115010007006501200
PattokiRaiwind Jn.650600 350300650
PattokiKot Lakhpat650600 350300650
PattokiLahore Jn.650 600350300750
Raiwind JnMultan Cantt1550135010009501650
Raiwind JnKhanewal Jn135010509509001400
Raiwind JnSahiwal750700650600800
Raiwind JnOkara650600350300750
Raiwind JnKot Lakhpat650600300250650
Raiwind JnLahore Jn.650600300250650
Kot LakhpatMultan Cantt1600145010009501750
Kot LakhpatLahore Jn.650600300250650
Multan to Lahore Train Ticket Price

Multan to Lahore Train

Musa Pak is a public passenger train run daily from Multan Cantt to Lahore Junction and Lahore Junction to Multan Cantt. It stops at 8 stations and completes its journey in 05 hours and 15 minutes. Musa Pak Express station’s names are Khanewal Jn, Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Okara, Raiwind Jn, and Lahore Junction.

Musa Pak Express Train Timing

S.NOStation NameArrivalDeparture
1Multan Cantt16:00
2Khanewal Jn16:4516:50
3Mian Channun17:2217:24
8Raiwind Jn20:1520:17
9Kot Lakhpat20:4020:42
10Lahore Jn21:15

Lahore to Multan Train

Musa Pak Express has fewer stops as compared to its Multan to Lahore journey. It stops at only four stations, Raiwind Jn, Okara, Sahiwal, and Khanewal Jn. This train journey is completed in 4 hours and 40 minutes.

S.NOStation NameArrivalDeparture
01Lahore Jn00:30
02Raiwind Jn01:0801:10
05Khanewal Jn04:2004:25
06Multan Cantt05:10

How to book an Online Ticket for the Musa Pak Express Train?

Musa Pak Express train runs from Multan to Lahore and returns a trip every day. The ticket can be booked from Pakistan Railways’ official website.


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