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Narita Airport to City Center by Cheapest Way

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This video is based on my experience of travel from Narita Airport Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 for FREE and Narita Airport to City Center travelled by cheapest way. We arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 3 and it has a small waiting area or inside area for collecting information about different ways to travel like bus, train, taxi etc. As our motto is always to try to travel on a budget, so we choose the train/metro from the airport.


For Train, we need to go to Terminal 2, which is just 20 minutes walking and the distance is less than a kilometre. But, we found a FREE SHUTTLE BUS which takes less than 2 minutes to transfer from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.

After that, we walked 600 meters for Train at Higashi-Narita station, but you can get a direct train from Narita Airport Terminal 2 but it is a little expensive.

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