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Odaiba Statue of Liberty Replica

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We found the United States of America in Tokyo Japan as it is a copy of the Statue of Liberty. In Japan, it’s called Odaiba Statue of Liberty Replica. You can’t believe its same to same copy. The difference is that the original one is in the middle of the river and this one is on the bank of the river.

My dream was completed. I thought when I visit Japan I definitely go to see the Statue of Liberty Replica, and I visited it in the mid of February 2020, but we missed something that was Statue of Liberty Replica because it was under construction.


we have seen beautiful views of the sea-view and the Rainbow bridge, it was a nice place to spend some wonderful time with friends.

How to get Odaiba Statue of Liberty ??

Simply take Yurikamome Metro Line, it is automatic metro/driverless metro and gets off at Daiba Station.
OR take Rinkai Metro Line is a railway line in Tokyo.

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