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Pakistan Express train timings

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Pakistan Express train timings
Pakistan Express train timings

Pakistan Express train timings and train are now upgraded. It was consisting of only economy-class coaches. But, now Pakistan Express has AC Standard, AC Business, and Economy class coaches. It has increased fares by up to 40%.

Pakistan Express is now operational. But, the ticket price is increased. We updated this blog on 25th May 2023. The Pakistan Express has now Economy Class, AC Standard, and AC Business classes.

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Pakistan Express Train

Pakistan Express train is a public passenger train in Pakistan. Its operational code is 45UP. It travels from Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi railway station on a daily basis. Pakistan Express starts the journey from Karachi Cantt station at 14:00 and arrives in Rawalpindi at 15:50. The whole journey time counts is 25 hours and 50 mins. Pakistan Express stops at 28 stations.

Route: Pakistan Express 45UP route is: Karachi, Hyderabad, Rohri, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi.

Pakistan Express Train Timings

The fare and timetable of the Pakistan Express are given in the table:

Pakistan Express Karachi to Rawalpindi

S.NOStop NameArrivalDepartureAC BusinessAC StandardEconomy (Seat)
1Karachi Cantt14:00
2Landhi Jn14:0014:02700500150
3Hyderabad Jn15:5015:5811501000550
4Tando Adam16:4216:44135011050550
6Rohri Jn20:2520:5024001850950
9Rahim Yar Khan23:1823:20350027501400
10Khanpur Jn00:0800:13365028501450
12Multan Cantt03:1503:40485033501650
13Khanewal Jn04:2504:30485037001800
14Abdul Hakim05:0305:05525038001850
15Shorkot Cantt Jn05:4405:49525039002050
16Toba Tek Singh06:1406:16525040002050
19Sangla Hill08:4608:48575042002100
22Alipur Chattha10:2310:25625044502300
23Wazirabad Jn11:3011:35625047502300
25Lala Musa Jn12:1312:15640051502350
28Gujar Khan14:1314:15655058502400
29Chak Lala15:1515:17655059002450
Pakistan Express Karachi to Rawalpindi

Pakistan Express Train Timings Rawalpindi to Karachi

Pakistan Express Train’s operational code is 46DN while Rawalpindi to Karachi. It departs from Rawalpindi railway station to Karachi Cantt station on a regular daily basis. It departs from Rawalpindi station at 06:00 in the early morning and arrives in Karachi at 08:00 the next morning. The whole journey time counts as 26 hours and 00 mins. Pakistan Express stops at 28 stations.

The fare and timetable of the Pakistan Express are given in the table:

S.NOStop NameArrivalDepartureAC BusinessAC StandardEconomy (Seat)
2Gujar Khan06:4706:49700500200
5Lala Musa Jn08:4008:421150800550
7Wazirabad Jn09:3509:4011501000550
8Alipur Chattha10:1810:2013501050550
11Sangla Hill11:5311:5519001350800
14Toba Tek Singh14:2814:3024001700950
15Shorkot Cantt Jn15:1015:1524001750950
16Abdul Hakim15:4015:4224001850950
17Khanewal Jn16:2016:25310022501250
18Multan Cantt17:1017:35310023001300
20Khanpur Jn20:4520:50440030501550
21Rahim Yar Khan21:2221:24440031501550
24Rohri Jn00:1500:40525038002050
26Tando Adam05:1705:19625044502300
27Hyderabad Jn06:0006:05640049502350
28Landhi Jn08:0008:02655059002500
29Drigh Road08:2508:27655059002500
30Karachi Cantt08:00710063502700
Pakistan Express Train Timings Rawalpindi to Karachi

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Mehreen Pirzada May 24, 2023 - 6:28 am

Karachi se Rawalpindi ki kya ticket ha. koe bta de plz

SA May 24, 2023 - 6:31 am

Karachi se Rawalpindi Economy class ticket in Pakistan Express:
2700 Seat, 2800 Berth.

AC Standard: 6350
AC Business: 7100


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