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Pakistanis in Malaysian Wedding

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This video is all about Pakistanis in Malaysian Wedding. Yes! I was in Penang and received an invitation to a Malay wedding not far from Penang. The inviter (couch surfer) told me everything like the train and time you take.

Pakistanis in Malaysian Wedding

I was moved to the Butterworth railway station located in Penang. I purchase a Train ticket from Butterworth to Sungai Petani. The wedding was happen in Sungai Petani. The ticket price was Ringgit 3.60.


Couchsurfer received me at Sungai Petani railway station with his family then we reached the wedding hall.

My experience attending a Malay (Malaysian wedding) was incredible. Such good people, culture, and food were so amazing. Many kinds of food, drinks, etc are served there. I will remember this wedding for my whole life.

watch the video – My First Couchsurfing Experience

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