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Penang to Malacca overnight bus

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In this video, you will see my journey from Penang to Malacca overnight bus and I met some Russian guests at my host’s home. I have seen rain first time in Malaysia. After that, I went to Penang. It is very near to Sungai Petani. I bought an overnight bus ticket from Penang to Malacca in Ringgit 46. The distance is about 500 kilometres and the journey time is 07 hours. I slept almost all the way. I reached 07:00 in the morning at Malacca. Overnight bus very nice, Air-conditioning was so cool.


In the day time visited some Museums and the city. After that, I went to see a mosque named ‘Malacca Straits Mosque’ which is on the beach. In that area, homes, markets were under constructions, but I have seen lots of tourists came to see a mosque, the mosque was very beautiful.

In the evening I went to Couch surfers home. He is of Singaporean Nationality and his wife is from Malaysia. Me, host and his family and his sister in laws family went to eat dinner. but due to rain, we had to come back.

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