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8 Places on Earth Where Sun Never Sets | Midnight Sun countries

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Places on earth where sun never sets
Places on Earth where sun never sets

In this blog post, we gathered 8 Places on Earth where sun never sets and also wrote about midnight sun countries. Are you cures about blue lights in the sky? In a country, the days and the nights are equal. That means how long the day is, as the longer the night.

There are lots of areas on Earth where the sun does not set for several months if sets then it does not rise for several months.  Let’s take a look at these eight regions of day and night.


Russia Midnight Sun

Russia Midnight Sun

First of all, let’s talk about the northern regions of Russia. The summers start in the northern areas in the middle of May to mid-July, that is, for at least two months sun never sets. The nights here are called whites.

On the other hand, from December 2 to January 11, the sun does not rise in these parts of Russia and stays here for 40 days. In winter, the average temperature in these areas is – 36 degrees Celsius.

Finland Midnight Sun

Finland Midnight Sun

Now, let’s talk about Russia’s neighboring country Finland. It is the world’s most prosperous country on the list is Finland.

Finland is a country in northern Europe. The number of the country’s population of over 55 million and 3,038,000 square kilometers.

The weather here is very pleasant. It is colder in the northern regions and longer than in the summer. It is cold in southern Finland.

The temperature stays below freezing point and on some nights the temperature drops to – 30 degrees Celsius. In Northern Finland, the night temperature drops to – 45 degrees Celsius.

In winter most areas of Finland, the sun does not show its shape till 51 days, and people miss the rays of the sun. But the sun does not set for 73 days in summer. That is why people have very little naps on summer days.

People spend most of their time working and spending time under the sunshine. Those who like to see the sun can visit Finland and those who like winter can also enjoy the weather here in January and February because of no sunrise for 51 days and not a night for 73 days.

It is very interesting and strange to hear that there is no night and no day. Finland is a quarter of the land and is a part of the Arctic Circle and even in summer, the average temperature here is around 07 Degrees Celsius.

Those people who like skiing can visit Finland. It is not only the land of snow-capped mountains but also the land of thousands of lakes and rivers.

Sweden Midnight Sun

Sweden Midnight Sun

Let’s take you to another Scandinavian country from the neighboring country of Finland Sweden. The weather here is similar to the neighboring countries.

The summer season is about 06-Months long and the sun is constantly shining during these months. If someone wants to enjoy the long days, he must visit the areas of Sweden. In these long days, the fun of fishing and surfing, the fun will be doubled.

From May to August, sunset happened at half night, only a few hours after nightfall, and the sun rises in the morning at 04 o’clock.

The colors of the weather are very strange in Sweden. The sun does not set in the summer in some areas of Sweden.

On the other hand, it does not show its glimpse during the whole winter. This country is also in the Arctic Circle.

In the capital of this country, Stockholm, the sunlight remains for 18 hours in summer, but only 06 hours in winter.

No matter how angry the people here are with the weather, it is the sixth most prosperous country in the world.

It has a population of 10 million people and an area of ​​4.5 million square miles. Like Finland, a scheduled time for prayers has been prepared.

Norway Midnight Sun

Norway Midnight Sun

Norway is located in the west of Sweden. Norway is also called Midnight sun land. It means the sun constantly shining at midnight.

Comprehend that the sun does not set from May to July for more than 75 days.

On the other hand, the does not set from April 10 to August 23 constantly shines in Svalbard, Norway. And the sun does not rise When winter arrives.

It is a sparsely populated area in Europe due to its harsh weather. There will be magnificent views that will welcome you if you come to visit in the summer.

All day you will be in sunlight, roam easily, and not worry about darkness. This country is also one of the most prosperous countries and the people here are at number eight in the list of happy people.

It means there will be nice and sociable people to spend time with you. About 5.4 million people are living on 350,000 square kilometers.

Iceland Midnight Sun

Iceland Midnight Sun

The touristy country is Iceland, which is the largest island in Europe after Britain. It is so clean and cool that there are no mosquitoes here.

Perhaps, its name comes from snow in Iceland.

The sun does not set in June. The nights are also having the sun in the other months of summer. The sky is clear and shining.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the nights on the Island then must visit Iceland. The weather in this whole country is the same. But its southern areas are hotter than the northern areas.

Greenland Midnight Sun

Greenland Midnight Sun

Let’s get out of Europe and go to North America where the sun is more or less like northern Europe. First of all, let’s talk about the world’s biggest Island Greenland which is administrated by Denmark.

The main island of Greenland is geographically part of North America and politically and administratively part of Europe.

The sun shines 24 hours a day in summer and stays overnight (which means the sun doesn’t rise) for the winter 06-months.

The lowest temperature in the North Pole recorded is – 69.6.

Its area is 21.66 million square kilometers, but its population is only 56,000. Administratively, the island is administered by Denmark.

Alaska Midnight Sun

Alaska Midnight Sun

Now let’s talk about the Peru of the US state of Alaska. From the end of May to the last week of July, the sun never sets. There are waves of sunshine in summer. But the sun does not rise here on the 30 days of November (a whole month).

Apart from this, the darkness arrives someday. You can visit Bairro City in June or November to enjoy the weather. Snow-covered mountains put four moons in the beauty of the weather. You will enjoy it.

Nunavut, Canada Midnight Sun

Nunavut Canada.jpg
Nunavut, Canada Midnight Sun

Another country in North America, Canada, also has an area where the difference between day and night is astonishing.

Few people are living here due to the harsh weather in Nunavut. It counts in less populous countries. Only about three thousand people live here or can be reached only by boats and planes.

The sun constantly shines 24 hours for 02 months. It means there is no sign of the night.

On the other hand, for a whole month in the winter, there is no glimpse of the sun and the area is completely dark. The people of Canada don’t like the awkwardness of the weather, that’s why the population here is very low.


There is a question of how the Muslims perform the five daily prayers here. There is a schedule for the prayers and the prayers are performed at the same time.

The morning prayer is performed in the light of the sun while the prayers of the evening are also performed in the light sun and don’t wait for the sunset.

So, if you want to see these natural astonishing views then make a plan to visit these 8 places in summer or winter. Believe me! You will enjoy it a lot.

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