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Shanghai Disneyland

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In this blog post, we visited Shanghai Disneyland. The Shanghai Disneyland in Chinese (Pinyin) Shànghǎi díshìní lèyuán), is a thematic park located in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

Ticket Price of Shanghai Disneyland

Tickets for Disneyland on Normal days (from Monday to Thursday) are from RMB 350 – 400 and at Weekends it costs very high aprox. RMB 575, which is valid for the whole day. . I purchased a ticket for RMB 350.


how to get there?

It is very convenient to go to Shanghai Disneyland by Bus, Taxi, Shuttle or Metro. Ride in comfort by Shanghai Metro rail service and cheapest way, all the way to ‘Shanghai Disney Resort’ the Terminal station on Line 11.

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