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Ship Bike by Pakistan Railway

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Ship Bike by Pakistan Railway
Ship Bike by Pakistan Railway

Are you going on a trip to Northern Pakistan on a motorbike? and worried about how to ship bike by Pakistan Railway or ship bikes by bus! then you are in the right place. Here, are all the answers to your questions.

Ship Bike by Train

This blog is based on my experience of ship bike by Pakistan Railway at the end of the trip, from Hyderabad to Khunjerab solo bike ride.

As my day started in Gilgit, the solo bike ride took almost 16 hours from Gilgit to Islamabad and included 7 hours of non-stop ride.

I started riding in the early morning at 06:00 and arrived in Islamabad at 10:00 pm that night.

Upon arriving in Islamabad first of all, I made a pit stop at a Biryani shop called ‘Karachi Biryani.’ Their Biryani is priced at Rs 400 per kilogram, with a single plate costing Rs 100. Having been famished after a three-week journey, I indulged in a satisfying meal of Biryani.

After that, reached Rawalpindi Railway station at 11:00 pm night followed by Google Maps.

Watch the video – How to Ship a Bike by Train | Rawalpindi To Hyderabad by Train

Me & My Bike on the Same Train

The Cargo staff of the Rawalpindi railway station was quite friendly. When I arrived at the station, they had dinner time and they told me to wait a while until we finished dinner.

They understand my condition that he has arrived from a trip to a cold area because I still wear a heavy winter jacket.

They offered me tea. I waited outside of the staff building because tired and needed some fresh breath.

After a while, they called me. I said to them, ship my bike to the same train as I will travel.

They told me, there is a Pakistan Express 46DN that will do the same, but it will depart early morning at 06:00 am. And its departure preparations will start at 04:00 am. We will ship your bike on this train. Buy your ticket for the same train and travel by Pakistan Express with your bike.


Top Tourist Places to visit in Skardu
PIA at Skardu Airport – Shutterstock image

The Cargo officer was such a nice friendly person and he told me some stories about shipped bikes.

As a Cargo officer, he told me I sent many bikes including normal bikes and heavy bikes to different cities of Pakistan, especially Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, and Karachi.

Documents Required to Ship or Bilty a Bike

Now, let’s talk about documents, I mean bike documents! What are the documents required for a bike ship or bilty?

Conversation while asking for Documents with the Cargo Officer

  • Officer: Give me the original documents of the bike.
  • Me: I have a duplicate copy of the bike.
  • Officer: (Laughed)! It’s okay. Give me a photocopy of your CNIC.
  • Me: Is there any photocopy shop available near the railway station?
  • Officer: (Laughed) Again! It’s okay.
  • Me: How much is the total amount for shipment?
  • Officer: (By maintaining a bilty receipt). The total amount is about 2700 rupees. Are you paying now?
  • Me: Is there any ATM Machine near the railway station?
  • Officer: I knew it! You have finished all the money during the trip. It’s okay. Pay while receiving your bike at Hyderabad Railway Station.
  • Me: Thank you, Sir

NOTE: An ATM Machine is available at Rawalpindi Railway station on the passenger side. It is located inside the railway station where ticket counters are located.

After that, I removed the bike side mirrors as Officer said, they would break down, collected the bilty slip and pick up luggage, and arrived at the passenger side of the railway station.

I asked for a ticket from the ticket counter, this staff was friendly too, and pleasantly said, that the ticket would be issued at 05:00 am. Almost, all the staff of the station are really good, with nice behavior.

Some passengers asked for a ticket from the ticket counter again and again but they didn’t mind and answered happily every time.

Cost of Bike Shipment

Also, he told me the cost categories of bike shipments. The price is low for a 70cc bike, as the bike engine is heavy the more will cost you.

In my experience, I had a 100cc bike and I paid 2700 rupees from Rawalpindi to Hyderabad.

Bike Cargo in Hyderabad

In June & July 2022, I shipped my bike from Hyderabad to Rawalpindi. The cost is about Rs 2,050. Hyderabad cargo staff charged me a bribe to send the bike within 2 days, otherwise, they would send it after a week.

The bike shipped from Rawalpindi to Hyderabad for just Rs 2,000, and no one asked for a bribe.

Hyderabad Junction

A cargo staff member, who was traveling on the same train, showed me my bike at Faisalabad Railway Station. I saw my bike and relaxed, it keeps the bike safe from damage.

The train arrived at Hyderabad Railway Station early morning at 06:00 am after 24 hours from Rawalpindi.

Do you remember, I didn’t pay the bike bilty price at Rawalpindi station because I didn’t have enough money?

After stopping at a shortstop at Hyderabad station train moves to its destination.

Cargo staff kept my bike in their custody on the same platform as the train stopped. We are now standing on the same platform, and they checked my bike shipment receipt and said:

Cargo Officer Asking for Bribe

Cargo Officer: You don’t have the bike’s original documents, and also not have attached your CNIC copy. So, you have to pay 130 rupees extra.

Me: Why do I have to Rs 130 extra? I have a shipping receipt of 2700 rupees only.

Cargo Officer: 100 rupees is our Labor cost and Rs 30 for no document copies.

Me: It’s early morning time and conversation is useless with these guys. So, I checked my wallet, there were only 120 rupees. I said to Cargo Officer, only have 120 rupees. Is it enough? I have money but not change.

Cargo Officer: Yeah! Yeah! Sure! It’s enough. Give us money.

So, I paid the total including shipping cost and bribery Rs 2820 but the actual cost was 2700 rupees. I carried my bike from the platform to the outside of the station myself, so why do they charge labor costs?

As I came outside of the Hyderabad station, I tied my luggage and started the bike. Suddenly, a policeman arrived from outside of the station and said open your bag, what is inside it? I tried to convince him that just my clothes but the Policeman didn’t listen to anything. I opened all my belongings and showed them to the policeman.

Suddenly, the Cargo Officer came to me and he started sharing his brother’s traveling story and asked me what was happening there. But the policeman said go away, this is none of your business.

After that, he checked my documents and bike documents and then let me go. I don’t understand why local police stop bikes instead of traffic police, especially in Hyderabad. If this kind of incident happens to you, let me know in a comment.

Remember Something While Bike Shipment

Well, there is Normal damage happening. But, you have to know something while shipping bikes by Pakistan Railway.

  • Empty the petrol from the bike while shipping. If you do not do this, Cargo staff will do it.
  • The Cargo Staff removed the Side Mirrors of the Bike and gave them to me while shipping because of more chances of damage.
  • The bike headlight button was broken.
  • No need to wrap some special kind of cover or something
  • My Bike was not wrapped while shipped and they wrote Bilty Number or shipping number on the cover of the bike.

Hope! We answered all your questions. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us in the comment section. We will keep in touch soon.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

In my case, they didn’t ask me about NOC at Rawalpindi Railway station. But if you are booking a bike from Karachi they ask for NOC.

So, to obtain NOC, you have to visit the ACLC Office of Karachi. The location of the ACLC office is given below:

Timing of the ACLC office

The time of the ACLC office is from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.

Fees of NOC

There are no fees to obtain NOC. But some police stations ask for bribe in Karachi and Hyderabad.

NOC Taken Procedure Step by Step

  • Get your Token
  • Submit your original book/card of the bike
  • submit your original CNIC
  • The inspection officer calls you after a while. And he will take a picture of you along with your bike from his phone.
  • You will get NOC after 15 minutes.

Book Bike in a Train

After collecting your NOC, go to the Cantt Railway Station Cargo Office

  • Submit NOC + Your CNIC copy + Bike Registration Copy
  • and pay the cargo fee (Karachi to Lahore Rs 1470). But, I paid Rs 2700 (+ 130 Bribe) from Rawalpindi to Hyderabad.
  • Remove all sensitive gadgets like side mirrors, etc.
  • Empty fuel tank

ACLC Office Hyderabad

ACLC stands for Anti Car Lifting Cell. It is 6 km from Hyderabad junction. You must need a NIC copy, Bike documents copy for the NOC bike. Usually, there are NO fees for NOC. But, some Police officers can ask for money.

In my encounter, an officer at the ACLC Office in Hyderabad demanded a bribe of 200 rupees from me. It’s noted that I obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for my bike in June 2022, and the officer bribed me Rs 200.

ACLC Office Islamabad

Anti Car Lifting Cell is approximately 8 km from the Rawalpindi Railway Station. The location is in the following map.

Ship Bike by Bus

Now, some buses can take your bike to your destination. One of my friends shipped a bike from Karachi to Rawalpindi. The price is about Rs 4,000.


If you wish to travel along with your bike then must inform the Cargo Officer to book your bike on the same train as you are traveling.

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I want you to Ship the bike with me on the same train. can I?

Yes. You can ship easily your bike by Pakistan Railway.

Bike shipment fares may be increased. Please do comment if you have experience with shipping bike by train.

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Zain Farooqui September 30, 2022 - 1:58 pm

This blog helped me, you put great effort to let us know.

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Shamsher Ahmed April 10, 2023 - 5:47 am

Bhai G agar karachi se lahore bike ship karwani ho to estimated total kharcha kitna aye ga?
All form NOC to recieving from lahore station?

SA April 12, 2023 - 6:20 am

W.salam. Pehly to almost Rs 2000 se 2500 tk tha. ab pata nahi kitna ha.

Junaid Talpur May 16, 2023 - 9:24 pm

Brother where you were stayed in naran and what was rent where you stayed in Naran

SA May 17, 2023 - 6:02 am

Brother I stayed at teen home, in the beginning of Naran. Rent was Rs 500.

Qazi Asad naeem June 27, 2023 - 4:24 am

Karachi to havelia bike cargo fees fees

MyTouristLine September 1, 2023 - 8:35 am

pehly Rs 2000 thee, ab kuch ziada ha

Arslan yaqub September 29, 2023 - 7:36 pm

Karachi saay Rawalpindi ki kitni fees ho gee and noc same person ki honi chaheyah Jo ly kr ja rha ha ya kissi ki b chaal jaiy gee


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