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Tokyo To Osaka by Willer Express Overnight Bus

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Tokyo To Osaka by Willer Express Overnight Bus

This blog post is based on my tip from Overnight Bus from Tokyo to Osaka by Willer Express bus service, and it is the cheapest method to travel this journey. Willer Express is the cheapest bus company among others. You can compare some other bus companies too in this blog post.

After visiting for four days in Tokyo Japan, we made a plan to Osaka, we are a group of five members and don’t have MasterCard/VisaCard to book an online bus ticket.

Actually, a day before travel to Osaka, we know some Bus company fares, we find a company JR Express Bus which quite expensive and the ticket price is JPY 5,400 ($ 50, Rs 8,300), this price was too expensive for me and the group members.


Willer Express Bus

Willer Express is included in the main Highway bus company operating in Japan since 2005 and routes spreading almost the entire Japan. Both domestic and foreign passengers can purchase bus tickets directly from their website.

Main Highway Bus Routes

  • Tokyo – Kyoto, Osaka
  • Tokyo – Nagoya
  • Tokyo – Hiroshima
  • Tokyo – Okayama
  • Tokyo – Sendai
  • Tokyo – Aomori, Morioka
  • Tokyo – Akita
  • Tokyo – Yamagata
  • Tokyo – Niigata
  • Tokyo – Nagano
  • Tokyo – Toyama, Kanazawa Fukui
  • Tokyo – Izumo, Shimane
  • Tokyo – Ise, Mie
  • Osaka – Nagoya
  • Osaka – Shizuoka
  • Osaka – Toyama
  • Osaka – Hiroshima
  • Osaka – Matsuyama
  • Osaka – Hakata

Book Willer Express without MasterCard/VisaCard

After finding it physically and on the internet we found Willer Express is the cheapest way to travel to Osaka. But the main problem in the booking is to book online from the official website and need a MasterCard/VisaCard for that. If you don’t have a MasterCard/VisaCard, then do not worry about that. We researched it and the results are that you can reserve it and pay through Convenience stores (Family Mart, Lawson, Mini Stop, etc).

The ticket we booked from Tokyo to Osaka by Willer Express fare is JPY 3,800 ($ 35, Rs 5,800) and it is the cheapest way to travel from Tokyo to Osaka.

The distance from Tokyo to Osaka is around 500 kilometers. The bus takes 7 hours and 30 minutes. The bus departed from Tokyo at 11:30 pm and arrived at 07:00 am in the morning. we ride the overnight bus from Tokyo to Osaka which was a pleasant journey for us. On this journey, we had seen snow.

The river’s name is Yodo River which occurs at the end of the video.

Book Bus ticket without Bank Card with Convenience Stores

I don’t have any bank card either MasterCard/VisaCard. So, there is an option on the Willer Express website that you can pay by Convenience Store (Family Mart, Lawson, Mini Stop, etc). You have to reserve the ticket and pay by the Convenience store (see image below).

List of Convenience stores

Willer Express books journey tickets 3-months prior to departure and you can book till 20 minutes before the departure of the bus. Willer Express bus company headquarter in Osaka, but they have offices in Osaka and Tokyo too. Buses are clean, punctual of time, nice staff, and we find good overall.

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