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Uzbekistan e visa for Pakistani

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Uzbekistan e visa for Pakistani
Uzbekistan e visa for Pakistani

Good News! Finally, Uzbekistan open e visa for Pakistani Nationals. In this blog, we compiled every information you need to know about Uzbekistan e visa for Pakistani.


Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia’s earlier Soviet republic. It is a landlocked country. Uzbekistan shares the borders with Kazakhstan in its north, Kyrgyzstan in its north-east, Tajikistan in the east, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan in its south.

Uzbekistan’s capital and largest city are Tashkent. The dialing code is +998 and the currency is called Uzbekistani Som. The official language is Uzbek. It is an Islamic country while Christians and other religions also live there.

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Required documents for Uzbekistan e visa

Required documents for Uzbekistan e visa are:

  • Photo scanned
  • Passport copy scanned

How to apply for an e visa?

The process of applying for an e visa is very simple. You can lay out on your bed or have tea while relaxing on a chair.

The official electronic visa website of the Republic of Uzbekistan is www.e-viza.gov.uz. The official website work in three languages: English, Uzbek, and Russian.

The process of e visa through the official website is carried out in two steps. Firstly, making requests and other is providing responses.

The process of filling out the application for an electronic visa to the Republic of Uzbekistan is passed out in the following ways:


How to fill visa application – Step by Step Guide

We can divide the application into six steps.

1. Country: in this section, applicants need to select their country or nationality, travel document (passport), and mention the purpose of the visit.

2. Dates: the select period of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The visa will be valid for 90-day but you can select more than 30-day to stay.

3. personal Data: applicant fills in their personal information. Also fill in some additional information such as Permanent residence address, Place of work (study), Phone number (landline or mobile), and initial address in Uzbekistan.

4. Photo and Passport: the applicants need to upload a photo and a passport copy. The passport or travel document must be machine-readable. The file size of the copy is not more than 500 kb.

Uzbekistan e visa for Pakistani photo

5. Activation: Now, the applicant fills in their valid email address.

The officials will send a digital code to your email address. The application activation will be made after putting this digital code.

6. Payments: This is the final step to completing the application. Now, you have to pay the consular fee via a Visa card (international payment system).

Once the consular fee is paid with the Visa card, a message of successful payments will be sent to your email address and processing will initiate.

The official website or official electronic visa portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides the ability to track the visa status.

If the visa will be approved, they will send you an electronic visa via the email address in pdf format. You need to contact the embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in case of refusal to e visa, they will also be sent a message via email.

Hotline for Contact

You should contact them, in case of the official website of e visa of the Republic of Uzbekistan is not working.

  • Hotline Number: (+998 71) 200 00 88
  • Email Address: info@evisa.gov.uz
  • Address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Consular Department, 9, Islam Karimov Street, Tashkent, 100029.
  • Phone Number: +998 71 233 45 01

Why Uzbekistan is famous?

Uzbekistan is famous for its mosques, mausoleums, and Silk road. The Silk Road is the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The major city of Uzbekistan on the route is Samarkand, which contains landmarks of Islamic architecture. A plaza bordered by three ornamentals called the Registan. Also famous for religious schools between the 15th to 17th centuries.

What is the cost of an e visa for Pakistanis?

The cost of the e visa in the Republic of Uzbekistan is normal as compared to other country visas. The cost may vary depending on the number of entries of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Single Entry$ 20
Double Entry$ 35
Multiple Entry$ 50

Double or Multiple entry e visa of Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan issues Single entry, double entry, and multiple-entry e visas to issues to the Nationals of Pakistanis and others. It depends on you which entry is best for you.

What is the validity of the Uzbekistan e visa?

The Republic of Uzbekistan e visa is valid for 3 months. But you cannot stay more than 30 days in a single entry.

How to fly to Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan Airways is the national flag carrier airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headquarters in Tashkent. It flies to 58 destinations worldwide including Pakistan.

Uzbekistan Airways directly fly from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Lahore, Pakistan, and vice versa. You can directly book a direct flight from Uzbekistan air or via UAE.

FAQs about the Uzbekistan e visa

Is Uzbekistan e visa open for Pakistani Nationals?

Yes! The Republic of Uzbekistan e visa is now available for Pakistanis.

What is the cost of an e visa for Pakistani Nationals?

The cost of a visa depends on the visa entry type. For single entry $20, for double-entry $35, and for multiple entries $50.

Can I get a double or multiple entry Republic of Uzbekistan e visa?

Yes! You can select either single entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry e visa for the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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