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How do I Web Check-in of AirAsia?

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In this blog post, we describe you to how do I web Check-in of AirAsia. All information in this blog is written in step by step guide. So, let’s get started.

Web Check-in of AirAsia

After reading this blog post you will be able to do Web Check-in Online of AirAsia.

Enter your departure city, booking number, and Family name in the AirAsia web check-in tab. Then follow the instructions and print out your boarding pass. Here is the quick and easy guide for web check-in:

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Before you start please make sure that:

*Your booking has been confirmed and for most flights, web check-in opens 14 days before departure and closes 1 hour before departure for AirAsia and 4 hours before departure for AirAsia X flights.

**You have your booking number (e.g.; 832UWD) with you.

Web check-in of AirAsia

Step 1

Flights & Guest(s)

Click on the Web Check-in tab on airasia.com or go to check in on airasia.com

Step 2

Choose or edit your travel add-ons

Manage or upgrade your add-ons (pick a seat, baggage supersize, and sports equipment)

Step 3:

Confirmation Step

Step 4

Important Notice

Step 5

Print Don’t have a printer?

Don’t worry, you can select other option(s) below to save and re-print later.


If you find any difficulty or have a query, feel free to comment. We will reply to you.

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