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Border Crossing Cambodia To Thailand Denied

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In this blog, I did an interview with a Pakistani Traveller (Safeer Ahmed), a king of travelers in Asian countries. He shared an experienced Border Crossing Cambodia To Thailand was denied.

I went to Karachi and met him with Safeer, he is a nice person, a kind helper to those people who have no knowledge about tourism, travel, Umrah, Hajj, Ticketing, Flight Reservation, Cheap flights, etc.

Let’s start to chat with him without wasting your time. My questions and his answers. Let’s start: watch video-

Border Crossing Cambodia To Thailand

Good experiences and bad experiences are a part of traveling life. I am telling my story of how my entry was rejected to Thailand. I had some bad experiences but one I never forgot is that: I went to Cambodia for three days. I thought that why not go to Thailand by road! I had a Thailand visa too. But, my interest is to go by the land border and tell more people that you can go by road too.

Initially, I arrived at Phnom Penh, the busiest capital of Cambodia, and stayed two days. Then, I move to Siem-Reap another city in Cambodia which is near to Thailand border. I traveled on an overnight bus and feels very cold. I arrived at the Exit Border of Cambodia. I acquired an exit at the Cambodian border, and I was very happy that got an exit and now I will officially enter by Border Crossing Cambodia To Thailand.

Cambodia To Thailand by Road

I was in the queue for almost 90 to 100 minutes and then my turn to arrive at the immigration counter. There were two lady officers (immigration) taking me to the office, they asked so many questions, why do you come to Thailand? show me a return ticket? show us money, etc. I fulfilled all requirements. They agreed and they want to allow me but suddenly another immigration officer arrived and he said you can’t travel by road, you can go by air. I was shocked by listening there answer in refusal. and they rejected my entry to Thailand.


Now, I came back to the Cambodian border, I told the whole story about Thailand’s border immigration. Now Cambodian immigration canceled my exit stamp from my passport and I get back to Cambodia.

I went to Siem Reap from the Cambodian border, and I purchased an expensive ticket for Bangkok, Thailand. I board the flight to Thailand and arrived in Thailand. Then, Thailand immigration didn’t get any comments to enter, just the entry stamped my passport.

I just spend one night in Bangkok, Thailand, and flying back to Malaysia. This is one of the worst experiences ever had with me and I will never forget in my life.

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