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How to get Incheon Airport to Seoul by Train

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This is a guide from Incheon Airport to Seoul by Train, which is based on my experience from Incheon International Airport to Seoul city centre in the cheapest way.

There are three different transportation options from Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Seoul is Taxi, Train & Bus.


It is the most comfortable choice as they are available 24/7 and it takes 60 minutes to reach Seoul. But, it is expensive and they usually charge KRW 44,000 (fare are different). Usually, it is not a good option for backpackers like me.


As we arrived at Incheon Airport, we didn’t search for anything and went to the bus counter to ask for a ticket. The lady at the reception at the bus ticket counter said, one ticket price from Incheon Airport to Seoul is KRW 15,000. We just shocked!



The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) gives two different kinds of train journeys from Incheon Airport to Seoul. The Express Train and All Stops Train. The Express Train goes directly from Incheon Airport to Seoul in just 40 minutes (distance aprox. 50 km) and costs KRW 9,500 whereas the All Stops Train stops at all metro stations, the journey takes 60 minutes and it costs KRW 4,250 (see in the video). We used the All Stops Train which stops almost every station and yeah, its nice, comfortable, air-conditioned and also the cheapest way to reach Seoul.

NOTE: If you are travelling in Seoul with a Single Journey Ticket then every time you need to be deposited KRW 500 while buying a ticket and its refunded. You will get KRW 500 at your destination by returning the card to the machine.
e.g; we bought a ticket from Incheon Airport to Seoul, the ticket price was KRW 4,250 and we paid to machine KRW 4,750, and we get our KRW 500 refunded at our destination Seoul.

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