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Northern Mountain Ranges of Pakistan

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Northern Mountain Ranges of Pakistan
Northern Mountain Ranges of Pakistan

This is a blog post about the Northern Mountains Ranges of Pakistan. The northern mountain ranges of Pakistan are the Himalayas, Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush mountains.


Himalayas Mountains

The Himalayas mountains surrounded the major part of the subcontinent in the form of the head from the Northern side. The mountains are expanded up to Gilgit.

The name of one of the peaks of this range is Nanga Parbat. Its average altitude is 8126 meters.

The Himalayas protect our plains from the cold wind of middle Asia. Moreover, they hinder the monsoon winds coming from the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Bengal which cause rains. 

Kumrat Valley Mountains
Kumrat Valley Mountains

Most of the high peaks in this range are permanently covered with snow. 

In the spring and the summer, the ice melts and provides water to our rivers. On the southern hills of these mountains, there are forests of valuable Timber, the hill stations, and health resorts of Pakistan like Murree, Nathia Gali, and the valleys of Kaghan are situated in this range. 

The valley of Kashmir also offers a beautiful view at the foot of these mountains.

watch video – Junction of Meeting 3 Mountain Peaks (Himalayas, Karakoram & Hindu Kush)

Karakoram Mountains

In the northwest of the Himalayas lies the Karakoram Mountains which include the regions of north Kashmir and Gilgit. 

The average height of Karakoram mountain is 7000 m. Its highest peak is K-2 which is 8611 metres high. It is the second-highest peak in the world.

In the Northwest between the Karakoram mountains in the Himalayas, the valleys of Gilgit and Hunza are located. The mountain tops surrounding these areas are covered with snow the whole year. 

This mountain range is situated between Pakistan and China. Karakoram Highway has been constructed along the river. This road has proved very helpful in the promotion of trade and tourism between the countries of Pakistan and China.

Khunjerab China border
Khunjerab China border

Hindu Kush mountain

In the Northwest of Karakoram, the Hindu Kush mountain ranges are situated. Most of these ranges are located in Afghanistan. 

The highest peak of these ranges is Trichmir which is 7700 m. The valleys of Chitral and Dir are located in these ranges.

Western Mountain Range

In the west, there is a mountain range that begins from the Hindu Kush mountain range and is mostly spread from north to south. Hill of the Swat, the white mountain hill of Waziristan, Suleman Mountain Kirther Mountain are located in this range. Mountains are mostly dry and Barren. 

There are important passes and rivers in these mountain ranges. Khyber Pass, Kurram Pass, Tochi Pass, Gomal Pass and Bolan Pass are important passes. 

Important rivers in this area are the Swat River, the Kurram River, the Gomal River, the Bolan River, the Hub River, and the Lyari River. 

The Peshawar Cantt and the Quetta Cantt are located near Khyber Pass and the Bolan Pass respectively. This pass served as a transit route between Afghanistan and Pakistan for trade and travel.

Kalash Valley Festivals
Kalash Valley Festivals

Northern Mountain Areas

In the Northern mountain parts of Pakistan, winter is very severe. Most areas are covered with snow, the temperature falls even below the freezing point. The cold atmosphere of such severe that it affects the life and living of the people and flora and fauna. 

The growth of the trees toward the grass gets buried under the snow and in some places, rivers in torrents also freeze. People cannot work outdoors forming becomes impossible.

The snow blocks roads and goods cannot be transported. Many people leave their homes and go to plans to do the job and earn for the year’s livelihood. 

When the summer season sets in there is a Hustle and bustle everywhere. During the short period of Summer trees, plants, and grass flourished. 

Job opportunities in Northern areas are Limited so the local people not only go out to various parts of Pakistan to and their livelihood but a large number of them also travel abroad to seek employment.

Naran To Hunza via Babusar Top
Naran To Hunza via Babusar Top

Coastal Areas of Pakistan

The coastal areas of Pakistan are about 700 km long. It stretches from Rann of Kutch in Sindh and passes along the Indian border close to the Western border of Pakistan and Iran. 

Due to the growing political and military rivalry between the big powers in the Indian Sea the importance of the coastal area of Pakistan. This area has become all the more important because of the discovery of minerals in the regional sea. 

Therefore the government is paying due attention to the development of this area and means of communication are being improved.


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