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Turtle Beach Karachi

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Turtle Beach Karachi
Turtle Beach Karachi

Are you looking for information about Turtle beach Karachi? If Yes, this is the right place. In this blog, we mentioned Turtle beach Karachi location (google maps), Turtle beach huts, Turtle beach ticket price, etc.

Turtle beach is located in Karachi between Hawke’s Bay and Sandpit. These are the two most popular beaches in Karachi. Hawke’s Bay is the beach at sea where you can get a magnificent view of the sea, a beautiful sunset view. Here you can see the sun dips down into the sea while setting. These beaches are studied that these are a most important breeding place for the rare species of turtle. The name Sandpit comes from tiny pits because female turtles dig in the sand to lay their eggs.


One important thing to be noted while visiting Hawke’s Bay. There are mountains on the beach and seawater hits the mountain with big stones. The huge sea waves hit the stone. There are snakes, turtles, and some dangerous spices there. We were standing at mountains rock, suddenly a hug sea wave arrived and take it everything including mobile phones, sleepers, shoes, whatever it hits.

Why beach named is Turtle beach?

Because as the name indicates Turtles. This beach is an important nesting place for Sea Turtles and some other sea species.

Turtle beach Karachi location

You are living in whatever area in Karachi or nearby Karachi city. Turtle beach can be easily accessible via Lyari Expressway. The 38 km Lyari Expressway was constructed along the river Lyari that connects the coastal areas of Karachi with downtown Karachi.

Turtle beach Karachi huts

Turtle beach hut prices are different specialty which attaches with furniture, electricity, generators, gas cylinders for cooking, private parking, security guards including other facilities. Still, some have BBQ areas and a large sea-facing roof. These huts can be adjustable for 25 to 30 persons at a time.

Turtle beach hut’s prices also depend on the size of the hut, the number of lodgings, and arrangement. Conversely, on average, these turtle beach huts cost you about Rs 15,000 – 50,000 ($80 – 250) per day (roughly for 10 hours). And some of them even more. This price is for the normal hut. If you want to book luxury the price will increase.

The price is not for turtle beach but for all other beaches of Karachi. The price is low during weekdays but definitely increases marginally over the weekends because of the crowded.

Turtle beach Karachi ticket price

Turtle Beach is a tourist attraction in Karachi. Karachi is called the city of Lights. This is the city which is also called never Sleep. Also, the city of hustle and bustle. When people need some rest, they go to the sea. Most of the evenings of the beach are full crowded while few peoples in a day time. Actually, you can roam at the beach at no cost. People can visit, walk and walk along the sea bank.

Activities at Turtle Beach Karachi

There are some activities you can do here at Turtle beach. Some activities are:

  • Speed Boating
  • Jet Skiing
  • Fishing
  • Camel ride
  • Horse ride

These activities can be cheap as compared to other countries. Horse riding is starts from Rs 100 ($0.6) and camel rides also cheap. Fishing will also be cheap. Yeah, of course, Speed boating and Jet skiing may be a little expensive.


  • Make sure, to bargain properly when you do activities about camel ride, horse ride, fishing.
  • Check properly (better make a video jet ski or boat for proof) if there is any dent or something has already broken in a jet ski or in the speed boat.
  • Do not pay extra for these activities.

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