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Planning A Trip to Kumrat Valley

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A Trip to Kumrat Valley
A Trip to Kumrat Valley

Are you planning a trip to Kumrat valley? And don’t have much information like what to visit in Kumrat? What is the best time to visit Kumrat Valley? How to get there? Then this is a blog for you. This is a complete guide of all you need to know about all things about Kumrat Valley.

Contacts called Kumrat Valley are heaven on earth. It is a famous tourist attraction/destination in the District of Upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The Kumrat Valley distance is about 370 km from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The travel time is approximately 9 hours and 15 minutes according to google maps.


There are two routes to get to Kumrat Valley, the first is a south route through Timergara (Dir) and the second is a north route through Kalam (Swat Valley). Geographically, Kumrat valley is surrounded by the Upper Dir district in the West, Swat Valley, Kalam Valley, Gabral, Utrar and Drosh in the East, and additional parts of Chitral in the northeast.

Tourist Attractions of Kumrat Valley

There are many tourist attractions to visit in Kumrat Valley, it is the most famous star place to visit in the Upper Dir district. Here are spectacular lakes, tall mountains, green forests, and the nature of Kumrat valley. The most famous tourist attractions of Kumrat Valley are:

  • Kumrat Town Center
  • Jahaz Banda Kumrat
  • Katora Lake
  • Panjkora River
  • Kumrat Majestic Mountains
  • Kumrat National Park
  • Wild Life of Kumrat
  • Kumrat Wild Trout Habitat
  • Kumrat Waterfall
  • Camping Site (Camping Pods)
  • Kumrat Valley Jungle
Kumrat Valley Camp sites
Kumrat Valley Campsites

Best Time to Visit Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is not reachable all year. Because of heavy snow, it is difficult to visit in winter. Even locals can not go outside in such heavy snow, it is reachable for locals at the end of May. After June, the valley gets started to welcome tourists. Thus, the best time to trip to Kumrat Valley is from Mid June to Mid October.

Free Camping Site

There are many camping places alongside the river of Kumrat and locals provide wooden huts and tents for tourists. If you want to put your own camp then go ahead further where no man’s land and enjoy in your own tent free of cost. If you put camp with the local wooden hut or waterfall, they give you permission but ask you to pay Rs 500 per night. The price of camps provided by locals is about Rs 500 – 1000 per night for 2, 3 persons easily sleep in.

Electricity Facility

There is no suitable electricity in Kumrat Valley.  People use Solar Panels in their huts which are not sufficient to charge mobiles, cameras, etc. so better to take extra batteries and power banks.

Kumrat Valley Mountains
Kumrat Valley Mountains

Public transport

There are two routes to reach Kumrat Valley. The route that follows public transport is Lahore > Dir > Thal > Kumrat Valley,

and the other is Lahore > Mardan > Thal > Kumrat Valley

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Lahore to Dir

The public transport, the bus is easily available at Larri Adda near Minar-e-Pakistan and the fare is about Rs 1400 (the fare can change). The time travel is 11 hours and 30 minutes, bus departs from Lahore at 06:00 pm and arrives at Dir in the early morning at 04:30 am.

Dir to Thal

You can get a van directly to Kumrat or Thal from the Dir bus terminal. The buses start departing as early as 08:30 am and the fare is about Rs 500 – 600 per person.

You can also get a private car for 5 to 6 people which will drop you at Thal Bazar in 3 hours and it will charge Rs 2000 – 3000 for 5 to 6 people.

Thal to Kumrat

If you are traveling solo with a light backpack, then hire a local bike, which will get you to Kumrat Valley within 90 minutes for Rs 500 – 700.

Also, you can hire a 4 x 4 Jeep for up to 7 persons and it will cost you Rs 2500 all and travel time is 2 hours or 2 hours and 30 minutes.

You can rent a camp for 3 to 4 persons for just Rs 500 – 1000 depending upon the season.

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