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Naran To Hunza via Babusar Top

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Naran To Hunza via Babusar Top

In this blog, we traveled from Naran To Hunza via Babusar Top, covering a distance of 317 km via N – 15 and N – 35 via Babusar Top with an altitude of 13,691 ft.

Let’s start the journey from the beginning in Naran Valley. I woke up early in the morning about 06:00 am. The weather was too cold – 1 degree and the water was too cold.

After refreshing, I went to a restaurant for breakfast. I ordered tea and paratha and its cost was about Rs 70.


I don’t want to stay a minute in Naran because of too cold. So, I began my journey from Naran to Hunza via Babusar Top on a bike.

Firstly, I thought that I would end up in Gilgit but as I arrived early in Gilgit I decided to go to Hunza. The distance from Naran to Babusar Top is 70 km, Lulusar Lake is 52 km and Hunza is about 317 km.

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The road conditions were not as good as travel from Naran but after covering 15 km road condition was gradually good and roads in under construction. Now roads are in good condition and built. (Updated on: 11 December 2023).

After a ride of one and a half hours arrived at Lulusar Lake. The view of the Lake was beautiful. Lulusar Lake is a water lake and the water looks greenish.

Khunjerab China border
Khunjerab China border

Babusar Top

Solo Bike Ride To Kaghan Naran

It took two hours by bike to reach Babusar Top. Babusar Top also called Babusar Pass, is the highest mountain pass with an altitude of 13,691 ft (4,173 m) above sea level, and 70 km from Naran in the north of Pakistan.

The Babusar Top connects to Naran and Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. I reached Babusar Top by riding a 100cc bike, The bike speed was too slow, and getting too much force and time while going uphill.

As I went down from the Babusar Top I met many children, they were very happy to talk to me, and I presented them with some toffees and moved ahead.

As I rode towards Chilas the weather was very pleasant and got normal (not too hot nor too cold). But usually, Chilas is hot in summer while Babusar Top is cold also in summer.

After leaving Chilas the Karakoram was very rough, dirty, and scary due to one side river to close while another side had giant mountains, traffic jams in that specific place, and just a single road. We just drive slowly and wait some time to pass vehicles.

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Tax-Free Gilgit Baltistan

We saw a petrol pump in the morning and filled the petrol tank of a bike. The petrol rate was Rs 104 which is cheaper than Islamabad capital city of Pakistan. We asked him why you are selling cheaper than in Islamabad, they said we don’t pay Tax. It is Tax-free petrol in Gilgit Baltistan. While the petrol rate in Islamabad is Rs 104.50/-

Rai Kot Bridge

We reached Rai Kot Bridge, where you can go to see Nanga Parbat and Fairy Meadows. Gilgit is still 78 km from the Rai Kot bridge. I read some books and blogs about the Rai Kot Bridge.


Gilgit To Hunza Distance

Khunjerab China border
Khunjerab China border

I arrived at Gilgit around 04:00 pm and stopped there due to the headlight breaking down. I went to a repair shop and he fixed my headlight for just Rs 20. He was a nice person, I thank him and move ahead.

Firstly I thought should stay in Gilgit but after fixing the headlight and the rain stopped, my plan was changed and I traveled to Hunza. The distance from Gilgit to Hunza is 120 km.

Sand Storm

Karachi To Khunjerab Solo Bike Ride

I just almost left 10 km from Gilgit, the weather was too bad, raining and a heavy sand storm occurred. So, I just stopped at a small village, the people were nice. I parked my bike in a newly built empty shop. After stopping the rain, we moved towards Hunza.

I enjoyed the route from Naran to Hunza. I stopped riding around 07:30 pm. In the evening, I hardly find a nice hotel in very cold weather at just Rs 300. They were nice people and they offered me free lunch and tea and I was too hungry.

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