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Four Seasons in Pakistan

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Four Seasons in Pakistan
Four Seasons in Pakistan

Every season has its specialty in accordance with food, culture, festivals, travel, etc. There are four seasons in Pakistan. Namely, summer, winter, spring, and autumn.

If we look at the universe created by Allah, we will see an Everything is different. These differences are their identity. Take the weather, the weather is never the same in most parts of the world. Climate change also affects human nature, mood, and habits.

People living in Pakistan are lucky in that Allah Almighty has given them all kinds of weather like summer, cold, autumn, and spring. These four seasons are available in most parts of Pakistan.


Geographically Pakistan

Pakistan is geographically divided into marine, desert, mountainous, and plain areas. Each region is affected by the severity of the current seasons.

Areas like Karachi, Thatta, and Badin are hot and humid. Plain areas include Lower Sindh, Upper Sindh, and most of Punjab. The climate here is dry and erratic.

The desert areas include most of Balochistan as well as Thar and Thal of Punjab. The atmosphere here is hot and poisonous.

The mountainous areas include Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir. These areas are cold all year round. In winter, it gets very cold and very snowy. Due to this life is paralyzed.

Winter Season in Pakistan

The winter season in Pakistan lasts from October to the end of February in mountainous areas. Lives in the sea and plains from December to February.

In winter, some waterfowl migrate from desert areas to warmer areas, usually riverine and lake areas. As the sun sets, the humidity in the air increases.

Wood and coal stoves, gas, and electric heaters are used to keep the atmosphere warm.

All kinds of warm and woolen clothes are often used to protect against cold. Consumption of high-calorie foods increases.

In addition to peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, chickpeas, barley, etc., various confectionery and hot drinks such as tea, coffee, soup, etc., are becoming more and more popular.

In areas where it snows, people from all over the country and foreign tourists visit these areas and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. People use blankets, quilts, and woolen sheets at night to avoid the cold.

December 22 is the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year. From December onwards, the days increase and the nights decrease. This process continues until June 21.

Thus June 22 is the longest day of the year and the shortest night of the year. From June 23nthe night begins to increase and the day begins to decrease.

Spring Season in Pakistan

The spring season lasts from mid-February to mid-April. This is the best and happiest season. In this season, greenery spreads everywhere and colorful flowers bloom.

New leaves grow on the trees. The fragrant scent of flowers and leaves breathes new life into all living things. Facial rejuvenation increases.

Government and semi-government agencies organize spring celebrations and flower shows.

Seasons in Pakistan
Seasons in Pakistan

Summer Season in Pakistan

May and June are the hottest months of summer. In most parts of Pakistan, business life comes to a standstill due to extreme heat. The streets and markets are deserted.

The reduction in power transmission in Pakistan due to load shedding and technical malfunctions affects industrial production and business and reduces the average income of the common man.

Weak people suffer from diseases and deaths due to strong sun and wind poisoning. To reduce the heat, people increase the consumption of cold drinks and people do not go out of the house unnecessarily.

Rainy Season in Pakistan

Although July and August are also hot months, the monsoon rains usually begin during these months. That is why we remember them as the rainy season.

Autumn Season in Pakistan

September and October are the autumn months in Pakistan. This is also called bile root (Exfoliation) season in which the leaves of the trees turn yellow and start drying and wilting.

The branches of trees and plants become dull. The vegetation dries up and is destroyed. The wind blows off.

Allah Almighty that He has given us all kinds of seasons due to which our country is rich with all kinds of fruits and crops.

Summer juicy, sweet, and delicious fruits, vegetables, and grains. and other crops like wheat, rice, millet, millet, maize, pulses, and cotton.

All of which not only meet our necessities of life but also result in heavy exports. Foreign exchange is also earned.

So, this is called a lovely country with a mix of four seasons in Pakistan.

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