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Karachi to Khokhropar by train | Indian border

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Karachi to Khokhropar by train
Karachi to Khokhropar by train

This is a detailed guide about Karachi to Khokhropar by train, how to get the train to khokhropar? Is Khokhropar is a travel destination? Do we need permission to visit the Khokhropar railway station?

Karachi to Hyderabad by Train

If you are planning a weekend train trip then must visit Khokhropar railway station because it can be done on Saturday and Sunday. For this, you need to first arrive at Hyderabad railway station. There are lots of trains running between Karachi to Hyderabad.

For more information – Karachi to Hyderabad by Train in Rs 300

Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas

There are few trains runs between Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas. Mehran Express and Shah Latif Express run directly from Karachi to Mirpur Khas. Actually, Saman Sarkar Express runs directly from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas. It changed the name at Mirpur Khas Junction from Saman Sarkar Express to Marvi Passenger, which runs directly from Hyderabad to Khokhropar. No need to get off at Mirpur Khas junction.

Khokhropar Ticket Price

If you are going to Khokhropar from Hyderabad, then get on to Saman Sarkar Express which runs daily from Hyderabad Junction at 15:45. You can buy a ticket to Khokhropar at the Hyderabad Junction ticket counter at a price of Rs 250 (USD 1.50)

Firstly, the train will reach Mirpur Khas Junction. The distance is almost 70 km and it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Mirpur Khas. The train journey starts at 15:45 pm and ends at 16:55 pm.

In my case, the train arrived at 16:05 pm at Hyderabad Junction, departed at 16:20, and arrived at 17:40 pm at Mirpur Khas Junction. The journey took 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Stations & Time of Shah Latif Express 151 UP

It is a passenger train that runs daily from Karachi to Mirpur Khas. Shah Latif is the latest Pakistani train that runs from Karachi to Mirpur Khas via Dhabeji, Jung Shahi, Jhumpir, Kotri Junction, Hyderabad Junction, Tando Jam, and Tando Allah Yar. According to the Pakistan Railways, the train number of Shah Latif is 151 UP from Karachi to Mirpur Khas and 152 DN from Mirpur Khas to Karachi. Shah Latif Express takes about 3 hours and 10 minutes to complete its journey of 190 km. It has 6 stops UP and 6 stops for DN. Shah Latif Express complete time schedule, stop information according to 15th April 2021.

Karachi City07:00
Karachi Cantt07:1007:20
Drig Road07:3507:37
Jung Shahi08:5308:55
Kotri Junction10:0710:09
Hyderabad Junction10:2510:30
Tando Jam10:4910:51
Tando Allahyar11:2011:22
Mirpur Khas Junction11:50
Stations & Time of Shah Latif Express 151 UP

Stations & Time of Shah Latif Express 152 DN

Mirpur Khas Junction14:45
Tando Allahyar15:1415:16
Tando Jam15:4015:42
Hyderabad Junction15:5516:05
Kotri Junction16:2216:24
Jung Shahi17:3517:37
Drig Road18:4418:46
Karachi Cantt19:0519:15
Karachi City19:30
Stations & Time of Shah Latif Express 152 DN

Stations & Time of Mehran Express 149 UP

Mehran Express is a private train managed by Raas Logistics. According to the Pakistan Railway train numbers of the Mehran Express from Karachi to Mirpur Khas is 149 UP and Mirpur Khas to Karachi is 150 DN. Mehran Express routes are via Tando Allahyar, Rashidabad, Tando Jam, Hyderabad Junction, Kotri Junction, Jung Shahi, Landhi Junction, and Karachi Cantt. It takes around 4 hours and 35 minutes for its whole journey of 220 km. Mehran Express 149 UP has 8 stops and 150 DN have 8 stops. Mehran Express consists of only Economy class seats. Now, it can be booked through the Raas Logistics website and app. Mehran Express is managed by Raas Logistics from July 2021.

Karachi City15:55
Karachi Cantt16:0516:15
Drig Road16:3016:32
Jung Shahi17:4817:50
Kotri Junction18:4518:47
Hyderabad Junction19:0019:10
Tando Jam19:3019:32
Tando Allahyar19:5519:57
Mirpur Khas Junction20:30
Stations & Time of Mehran Express 149 UP

Stations & Time of Mehran Express 150 DN

Mirpur Khas Junction05:00
Tando Allahyar05:2905:31
Tando Jam05:5205:54
Hyderabad Junction06:1506:25
Kotri Junction06:3306:35
Jung Shahi07:2907:31
Drig Road08:3108:33
Karachi Cantt09:0009:10
Karachi City09:25
Stations & Time of Mehran Express 150 DN

Stations & Time of Saman Sarkar Express 155 UP

Saman Sarkar Express is a train run from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas through Tando Allah Yar, Rashidabad, and Tando Jam. According to the Pakistan Railway, the train numbers of Saman Sarkar Express Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas is 155 UP and Mirpur Khas to Hyderabad is 156 DN. Saman Sarkar Express train takes almost 1 hour and 20 minutes for its whole journey of 70 km. Saman Sarkar Express 155 UP has 3 stops and Saman Sarkar Express 156 DN also has 3 stops. Saman Sarkar Express has only Second class in it and cannot be booked online through Pakistan railways.

Saman Sarkar Express runs a speed of 90 km/h till Mirpur Khas.

Stations & Time of Saman Sarkar Express 155 UP

The train runs from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas under named Saman Sarkar Express 155 UP. The stations and time are as follows:

Hyderabad Junction
Tando Jam15:4815:45
Tando Allahyar16:2416:15
Mirpur Khas Junction16:55
Stations & Time of Saman Sarkar Express 155 UP

Stations & Time of Saman Sarkar Express 156 DN

Mirpur Khas Junction10:00
Tando Allahyar10:2910:31
Tando Jam10:5610:57
Hyderabad Junction11:10
Stations & Time of Saman Sarkar Express 156 DN

The same train Saman Sarkar Express is now run under the name of Marvi Passenger 335 UP and runs daily from Mirpur Khas to Khokhropar, no need to get off if you are traveling to Khokhropar.

Marvi Passenger Train

It is a local Pakistani passenger train. It covers a total distance from Hyderabad to Khokhropar is about 193 km (according to Khokhropar station states) and it takes 4 hours and 40 minutes to complete this wonderful journey. It runs at a speed of 65 km/h after crossing Mirpur Khas towards Khokhropar. Pakistan Railway gives this train number of Marvi Passenger Khokhropar to Mirpur Khas is 335 UP and Mirpur Khas to Khokhropar is 336 DN. This train takes almost 3 hours and 35 minutes for its journey of 124 km. Marvi Passenger 335 UP has 17 stops and Marvi Passenger 336 DN have also 17 stops. It has only 2nd class in it, non-airconditioned train and online booking are not available at Pakistan Railways website and app as latest updates. Passengers can buy tickets and can sit on any seat or berth. There are lots of empty seats and berths available. There are 8 coaches and a Locomotive attached with it. This timetable is effective from 15th October 2021 according to Pakistan railways.

Stations & Time of Marvi Passenger 335 UP

Mirpur Khas Junction17:00
Jamrao Junction17:1017:12
Abdullahabad (Halt)17:2917:30
Shadi Palli17:3917:41
Pithoro Junction18:0318:04
Faqir Turko Mangrio18:1818:19
Dhoro Naro18:3218:33
Sadar (Halt)18:4218:43
New Chhor19:3519:36
Parch Je Veri19:4919:50
Jalo Jo Chaunro20:0520:06
Vasar Bah20:2120:22
Stations & Time of Marvi Passenger 335 UP

Stations & Time of Marvi Passenger 336 DN

Khokhropar Junction06:00
Vasar Bah06:1506:16
Jalo Jo Chaunro06:3106:32
New Chhor07:0107:02
Sadar (Halt)07:5207:53
Dhoro Naro08:0208:03
Pithoro Junction08:3108:32
Shadi Palli08:5508:56
Abdullahabad (Halt)09:0509:06
Jamrao Junction09:2309:25
Mirpur Khas Junction09:40
Stations & Time of Marvi Passenger 336 DN

In my case, Locomotive had a very bad condition. It remains to start all overnight. Train staff did not close Locomotive all night. They said, if we switch off the Locomotive, it will not start until another Locomotive will help to start.

Border Area (Need Permissions!!)

According to Train staff, from New Chhor station to Khokhropar railway station is addressed to be border area. No public allowed accepting locals. Train staff told me that Security forces will take you down from Train at New Chhor railway station. In my case, by the grace of God nothing happened with me. And I had not seen any securities or security forces during my trip UP and Down on Marvi Passenger.

Khokhropar Railway Station

Khokhropar Railway Station was made in 1936. It is the second last station on the Pakistan-India border. The last station is Zero Point Railway station where immigration is done by Pakistan officials and then can cross the border. The first railway station of India is Munabao, where Indian officials’ immigration happens. The Pak-India border is almost 05 km from the Khokhropar railway station. Here, even you can’t see any fence or lights on the Indian border.

             As I planned to visit Khokhropar Railway Station, just purchased a ticket from Hyderabad Junction and it costs me about Rs 250 (USD 1.50). As I just arrived second the last station before Khokhropar, a person came to me in a civilian dress with a big beard and asked me: where are you going?


I said: going to Khokhropar railway station. He again asked me to show my ID card? I said: who are you? He replied: I am a policeman (He also showed me his NIC and Police service card from a distance). I showed my ID and again he asked me a few questions. Is there any relative or friend there? As I travel solo, don’t know anyone. In last, he said: be very careful. It is a border area and some security forces or agencies will take you.

I just kept silent and listened to his speaks and just said: OK, ok………

He said: You look not afraid from my talks and I just say no, not this thing.

Am I a Solo Traveler There?

At 20:40 we arrived at Khokhropar Railway Station. I am not only the traveler who came to visit Khokhropar but another guy from Naushehro Feroz has also arrived. We met at the railway station and searching a way to exit the station. But, we didn’t find a way to go out in the darkness. Suddenly!

Ticket Collector (Shouting)!

Suddenly, a person from station staff came to us and said: I am collecting the tickets so please submit your tickets. He saw us and said (Terrified and overwhelmed) you are guests here. He also saw two Ranger persons in civilian dress. He called them to check us. Ranger persons don’t want to check us but due to his insisting again and again they just checked us in 30 seconds and gone.

They (Rangers) asked him, who is this child (Pointed to me)? Also, they said to me you look like 18 years old. Wow! (I laughed).

            But, he (Ticket Collector) didn’t allow us to go. He brings us to the platform and loudly (scream) gathered some policemen’s. we got two new persons here! Everyone came here and asked us why we came here? They checked our ID cards. (I well know peoples by spending a night on the station that all persons who came to check us are station staff, train staffs, but not any border force or any other persons).

No One at Station in Mid Night

            All staff of the station, the train is said you are lucky guys, otherwise security forces or agencies will take you. I felt that the Naushehro Feroz guy was too much afraid by listening to their talks and me (What can I do now? (At 00:00 midnight, no one on the station except us both, no one disturbed us in the night after slept and also in the morning. They are on the station but slept in rooms. The locomotive remains to start all night.

Not Allowed to go to Mosque?

            They had not allowed us to go nearby Mosque which is located approximately 100 meters from the station. But as the night passes, station staff served us dinner, give us a bed with blankets, and also served tea in the morning.

They didn’t ask anything in the morning and we had not seen any security forces along the way from Khokhropar to Mirpur Khas.

According to Locals (Need Permission!!!)

According to locals, a person who has a National Identity Card of Pakistan can visit Khokhropar without any permission. They have to pass some regular checkpoints by Rangers, just to ensure any causality happens to you. 

Required Documents

Must bring your National ID card as locally say NIC or any identity card if you are under 18 because you need to show many checkpoints on the way to Khokhropar.

Facilities at Khokhropar Railway Station

There are no facilities at Khokhropar railway station. They don’t allow you to step out from the station. A mosque and hotel are nearby stations under 200 meters, while the hotel only serves tea in the daytime.

No washrooms are available, but washrooms are available at stations rooms for staff only. If you request to staff they will allow you to use it.


As I am a traveler, sometimes travel solo and sometimes in a group. I understand that it’s my duty to tell you everything is correct and clear. It will help you to plan your travel. So, it’s up to you, whether are you going to visit Khokhropar by train or by road. I would recommend you must visit in a group not solo.

If you have any confusion, comment it and If you liked our blog, please feel free to give us feedback in the comment section to improve more.


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