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Top 10 Famous Places To Visit in Hyderabad

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Top 10 Famous Places To Visit in Hyderabad
Top 10 Famous Places To Visit in Hyderabad

In this blog post, we acquired all information about the Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Hyderabad Pakistan. In this video, we will show you the beautiful top 10 famous places to visit in Hyderabad.

The old name of Hyderabad known as Neroon Kot. Hyderabad is located in the South West of Pakistan and it is 150 kilometers away from Karachi. The distance from Hyderabad to Karachi is now just 2 hours (120 minutes) by Motorway 9 (M9) Smart Motorway. Hyderabad is the second-largest city by population in Sindh Province after Karachi and the 8th largest city in Pakistan.

Paris of India

This city Hyderabad sometimes used to be renowned as the “Paris of India”. because every morning the streets of Hyderabad washed with pure drinking water from the Indus River. Hyderabad is now an important commercial and cultural hub that connects transit between rural and urban of Sindh.

Top 10 Famous Places To Visit in Hyderabad

There are many famous places to visit in Hyderabad. This blog post covered the Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Hyderabad. The following places are the top 10 places to visit in Hyderabad.

  1. Sindh Museum Hyderabad
  2. Rani Bagh (Queen’s Garden)
  3. Al-Manzar / Kotri Barrage
  4. Kotri Bridge
  5. Tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro
  6. Navalrai Clock Tower
  7. Tombs of Talpur Mirs
  8. Resham Gali (Shahi Bazaar)
  9. Al Manzar/Kotri Barrage
  10. Kotri Bridge


Sindh Museum is located on National Highway 5 near Rani Bagh, Eid Gah, Niaz Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad. This Museum was established in 1971 to collect, preserve study, and record the cultural history of Sindh. Sindh Museum features the history, heritage, and Indus Valley civilization.

Sindh Museum

Opening Hours of Sindh Museum

DaysOpen HoursBreakOpen Hours
Monday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Tuesday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Thursday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Friday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Saturday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Sunday10 am – 01 pm01 pm – 02 pm02 pm – 05 pm
Opening Hours of Sindh Museum

Sindh Museum closed every Wednesday. It has also a lunch break from 01:00 to 02:00 pm


The entry fee for Sindh Museum is Rs 20 for adults while children’s ticket fee is Rs 10

Sindh Museum Direction

You can get directions to Sindh Museum easily on Google Maps by clicking the below direction:

Rani Bagh (Queen’s Garden)

Rani Bagh Hyderabad
Rani Bagh Hyderabad

It is a word taken from the National language of Pakistan known as Urdu. Rani means Queen while Bagh means Garden, which means Queen’s Garden. It is a zoological garden located on National Highway 5, Hyderabad. It was built as a botanical garden back in 1861.

Rani Bagh is divided into four areas including Eid Gah, Park, Zoo, and Jogging tracks. The zoo has different kinds of animals.

You can get the directions of Rani Bagh easily on Google Maps by clicking the below direction:

Al-Manzar / Kotri Barrage

Kotri Barrage is a barrage between Hyderabad and Jamshoro on the Indus River in the province of Sindh Pakistan. Kotri Barrage is used to control water movement in the Indus River for irrigation and flood control purposes. It has a water release water capacity of 24,800 cubic meters per second.


Al-Manzar is just a cafe and a viewpoint of Kotri Barrage at Barrage. A lot of people visit every day with friends and families. You can also go boating there.

You can get directions to Al-Manzar and Kotri Barrage easily on Google Maps by clicking the below direction:


Kotri Bridge

Kotri Bridge

Kotri Bridge is located between Hyderabad and Kotri on the Indus River in Pakistan. It was commercially open for traffic on the 25th of May 1900 and was reconstructed in 1931. The total length of the bridge is 1,948 ft (593 meters). Kotri Bridge has a single railway track between the roads. Heavy traffic is restricted to crossing the Kotri Bridge.

You can get the directions to Kotri Bridge easily on Google Maps by clicking the below direction:

Tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro

The Tomb of Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro is located in the Journalist colony near Central Jail in Hyderabad. Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro son of Noor Muhammad Kalhoro ruled for about 01 year (AD 1775 – 1776). This is a tourist attraction under the Department of Culture & Tourism, Govt. of Sindh.

Kotri Junction

Kotri Bridge

Kotri Junction is a railway station in Kotri. Currently, there is no busy train station but every train crosses Kotri Junction. There is a train running to Quetta from Kotri, but nowadays it is closed due to COVID-19.



Hyderabad is connected north of Pakistan through National Highway 5 and Indus Highway N 55. Travelers who are coming from the North of Pakistan usually prefer National Highway 5 whereas travelers from the northwest of Pakistan take Indus Highway N 55. Hyderabad is located on the river Indus. Hyderabad is connected to Karachi through Highways and Motorways but travelers preferred Motorway M9 Smart Motorway. The journey time from Hyderabad to Karachi takes 2 hours by Motorway.

Watch Also – Hyderabad To Karachi by Smart Motorway M9


There are a number of air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses and vans running to Hyderabad from all major cities of Pakistan. A journey from Hyderabad to Karachi costs around Rs 300 (non-air-conditioned) or Rs 400 air-conditioned.


Hyderabad Junction railway station is the main station where almost every train stops. Hyderabad station connects almost all the major cities of Pakistan and towns. Most trains run from Karachi and get a big stopover here. Hyderabad railway station is the busiest railway station in Pakistan besides Karachi.

If you are traveling from Lahore or any other destination in northern Punjab with both speed and comfort as your first priority, then the Karakoram Express Train is one of the best choices. Karakoram Express runs daily non-stop between Lahore to Karachi and it runs faster than other trains. It takes 20 hours journey from Lahore to Karachi, because it takes only a few stops. While other trains stop at every major station and get delayed. The Karakoram Express has both economy seat + berth and air-conditioned (seat + berth). A ticket in economy class (seat) will cost Rs 1,950 while a ticket (berth or seat) in an air-conditioned class will cost around Rs 5,200. (check below image for the ticket price)

Karakoram Express Train Fare (AC and Non-AC)

Plenty of trains both economy and air-conditioned class run from major cities such as Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, and Rawalpindi on a daily basis. They stop at every station along the way and usually run late.


My Tourist Line mission is to promote the beauty of each city of Pakistan to the world in the shape of blog posts and videos. We hope you read this blog post of Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Hyderabad Pakistan. We recommend you visit some of the famous places in Hyderabad from the top 10. Please also watch the Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Hyderabad Pakistan video where we showed the beauty of Hyderabad, for more videos of every city, and other places in Pakistan, and from around the world on our Travel Trekker YouTube channel. Now it is time to share this post with your friends.

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