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Shanghai Maglev Worlds Fastest Train

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This blog is based on my journey on Shanghai Maglev Worlds Fastest Train (at that time). I feel amazing that I am on that train which is the Fastest Train in the World. The Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train line that operates in Shanghai.

Shanghai Maglev FARE

The single ticket fare is RMB 50 ($6.90) for the economic class and RMB 80 ($11) for the VIP class. You can also purchase a round trip ticket which is valid for 7 days and the price is RMB 80 $(11) while for VIP the cost is RMB 180 ($22).

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Shanghai Maglev TIME

The first train from Pudong International Airport station runs at 07:02 and the last train at 21:42 while the first train from Longyang road station runs at 6:45 and the last train at 21:40.

Shanghai Maglev covers the route between two stations from Pudong International Airport station to Longyang Road station. It has no wheels and it is a Magnetic levitation transit type train.

The top speed of Shanghai Maglev World’s fastest train runs a speed of 431 km/h (268 mph), and it covers 30.5 km in 8 minutes. In my ride, it just covers this distance in 7 minutes and 12 seconds. Shanghai Maglev runs every 15 – 20 minutes.

Reminder –
Each Passenger with an airplane ticket on the same day can obtain a 20% discount for only one single-trip ticket.

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