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Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Overnight 3rd Class

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Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train long-distance journey can be done either during the day. A time when you can enjoy the scenic views, or at night when you can book an inexpensive sleeper berth and wake up early morning when you arrive in Bangkok by saving the cost of a hotel for the night and the time.

Thailand is often referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” and boasts a diverse landscape. A rich culture, stunning beaches, and a vital history that magnets tourists from around the world.


Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Distance

The train journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is approximately 700 kilometers (435 miles) and is one of Thailand’s most common railway directions. It connects the northern city of Chiang Mai, famous for its ancient temples, lush mountains, and vibrant markets, with the bustling capital of Bangkok, a metropolis that seamlessly combinations of tradition and modernity.

Why Choose the Train?

There are a few reasons why choose the train. Actually, flight gets cheaper and faster way to travel to Chiang Mai. I hitchhiked from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to interact with local people, and how they treat me, and I found Thailand people so nice, caring, and helpful. Also, they offer free food and drinks too. They are always ready to help you. Please read more about my hitchhiking journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai here.

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While flights between Chiang Mai and Bangkok are faster, the train offers an entirely different experience that is worth considering for several reasons:

Scenic Beauty: This train journey takes you through some of Thailand’s most stunning landscapes. From the lush greenery of the northern hilltops to the flat plains of central Thailand, you’ll view the country’s geographical variety.

Cultural Engagement: The train is a fanciful opportunity to witness local life too close. You’ll pass through towns and villages, seeing everyday Thai life evolve outside your window.

Affordability: Train tickets are often more budget-friendly than flights, making this an attractive option for travelers looking to save money without cooperating on the journey.

Eco-Friendly Travel: Train travel has a lower carbon outline compared to flying, making it a more supportable choice for environmentally sensible travelers.

My Journey

But, I took an overnight train to Bangkok. I arrived at Chiang Mai train station in the evening an hour before the train departure. All tickets were sold out except the 3rd class seat. 3rd class seat is a hard seat, it is fine for me.

But, on that journey, I fell sick and I was trying to buy an AC Sleeper, which I couldn’t get. So, I bought that one. That is a little tough journey due to the sickness, otherwise, I am used to doing that by saving some coins. Too much crowded in 3rd class seating coach, even many people were standing. The evening was hot, but nighttime was cool. There is no air-conditioning in the 3rd class seating coach. Thanks to the rain during the journey in the evening time. I advise you, to book a train ticket in few days advance. Book an air conditioning class if you are not familiar with bearing hotness.

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Ticket

Train tickets can be easily purchased at Chiang Mai Railway Station or online through the State Railway of Thailand’s website. It’s worthwhile to book in few days ago, mainly during top tourist seasons.

Trains offer a range of different classes, including 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class, as well as sleeper options. For comfort and a more immersive experience, consider booking a sleeper ticket. The “sleeper with air-conditioning” option is popular among tourists.

The journey typically takes around 14 hours, depending on the type of train and stops along the way. Trains depart from Chiang Mai in the morning or evening, with overnight options available, and arrive at Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok.

Bangkok Railway Station to Don Muang International Airport in 20 Baht

Usually, any train goes from the airport route. But make sure the train stops at “Don Muang Station” to get off. The journey takes 30 minutes and the fare is about 20 Baht.


Train Ticket

The ticket prices of the Train journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok train of different classes are as follows. The ticket is about Baht 271 (3rd Class), 431 Baht (2nd Class Seat), and 531 Baht (2nd Class Sleeper). The total time of the train journey is 14 hours. When I arrived at Chiang Mai station all classes were fully occupied except the 3rd class, so I bought a 3rd class ticket for 271 Baht.

The train journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is not just a means of transportation; it’s a travel through the heart of Thailand.

A Train journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is one of the most spectacular train journeys in Thailand. After the fame of the train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the Thais and tourists also use the same service to go the Bangkok city.

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Timing

Thai Railway offers 5 trains running daily from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The train departure schedule begins as early as 6:30 AM and the last departure is at 06:00 PM. Travelers usually take an overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok so they can sleep from side to side which could be 14 hours journey.

The well-known train ticket class is the 2nd Class Air-Conditioned Sleeper because this type offers adequate suitability for the passengers at a more reasonable price compared to the 1st Class. The 3rd Class Fan Seat ticket type is not recommended because it is a long-distance journey and you indeed want a relaxed seat for the ride.

I used a 3rd Class Fan Seat ticket, it very hard seat and not comfortable, difficult journey of 14 hours.

Getting the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok city is cheaper than the flight ticket price. Besides, if you reserve the well-ticket type, you could have an additional calm journey compared to the bus. Furthermore, the ticket price for the 2nd Class Air-Conditioned Sleeper (Berth) train is virtually the same as the bus ticket price.

Different departure time has different type of trains and different ticket types. The train journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok train ticket price differs depending on the departure time, train type, ticket class, and arrival station.

Trip Distance & Duration

The distance between Chiang Mai to Bangkok is around 751 km. As for the trip duration, it depends on the train type you choose and the drop-off point in Bangkok. The trip duration for a train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok could take around 11 to 14 hours.

 The rapid train is the slowest and could take up to 15 hours. The fastest train is the Special Express train.

The train will reach Don Mueang Train Station first and then Terminal station is Hua Lamphong Train Station. So, the train from Chiang Mai to Don Mueang will take around 1- an hour shorter time compared to the train from Chiang Mai to Hua Lamphong.

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Departure Point – Chiang Mai Train Station

Chiang Mai Train Station is located in the megacity but relatively far down from the city center. The city center refers to the Old City of Chiang Mai, which is located around 3- 4 km to the east side of the train station.

The Old City is where most of the lodestones and lodgment for excursionists are located.   To go to Chiang Mai Train Station, the most convenient yet most expensive option is by taxi. However, there are not many taxis in Chiang Mai and usually, they are not metered taxis. still, please confirm the price with the motorist before the lift, if you have no other option.  

Alternatively, you can use songthaews or tuk-tuk. Songthaews is generally cheaper than tuk-tuk as it operates like a minivan and picks up numerous passengers along the way. 

Songthaews in Chiang Mai is called “Rot See Daeng ” which means red auto and can fluently be honored by its color. From the city center to the train station should bring around 40- 50THB depending on your logrolling chops. still, it’s harder to get this price if you’re an outsider as they could charge up to 100- 150THB for the lift. 

Tuk tuk is smaller if compared to Songthaews and it works almost like a taxi. You can find numerous tuk-tuks around Chiang Mai.    The fare to the train station also depends on your location and your bargaining skills.

Arrival Point – Hua Lamphong Train Station & Don Mueang Train Station

Bangkok has 2 train stations videlicet Don Mueang Train Station and Hua Lamphong Train Station. Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok will stop by Don Mueang Train Station before terminating at Hua Lamphong Train Station.

Don Mueang Train Station is the perfect drop-off point, especially for tourists as it is located just beside Don Mueang International Airport. If you are planning to take a flight, book your train ticket with Don Mueang Station as the drop-off point.

Unlike Hua Lamphong Train Station, Don Mueang Train Station is located a bit far away from the city center, around 30 km away from Hua Lamphong Train Station. Therefore, if you are not planning to visit Bangkok, avoid the busy and bustling city with most probably congested traffic and stop at Don Mueang Train Station.

Hua Lamphong Train Station is the main train station in Bangkok located in the middle of the city center. Hua Lamphong Train Station is normally very crowded with passengers. As its position is in the megacity center, the transportation system is better compared to in Don Mueang Train Station. thus, once you reach Bangkok, you can fluently start to explore Bangkok with the available public transportation. 

Hua Lamphong Train Station is connected with the MRT service, which is a shelter train service in Bangkok.   The MRT station called Hua Lamphong Station is connected to the Hua Lamphong Train Station by an underground pathway. still, the available Cloverleaf station to MRT is in Silom Station, Sukhumvit Station, and Chatuchak Park/ Mo Chit Station, if you’re taking BTS Skytrain. Sukhumvit Station and Chatuchak Park/Mo Chit Station.


Bring your good books or laptop with pictures to pass the time. Also, bespeak your train tickets online in advance, as the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is one of the most popular train passages in Thailand. You can secure your desired ticket type and avoid having to settle for a less comfortable seat.

Booking Thailand train tickets online requires a minimum of 3 days of booking in advance before the departure time. So, bespeak your tickets beforehand to avoid disappointment!  memorial You MUST publish out the E-Ticket transferred to your dispatch. Without the published ticket, you aren’t allowed to board the train. Tickets shown from the phone or tablet aren’t valid.  

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Bus Tickets

Estimated Trip Duration is 11.0 hours (s)
Please note that you can get to the Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Terminal by songthaew, tuk-tuk, and hack. The Arcade machine outstation is located around 3 km to the east of the Chiang Mai Old City Moat.  

The buses start early morning from 07:30 am to 08:30 pm, the schedule may be changed, please check for the latest fares and prices. The lowest price starts from THB 572 to 924.

Chiang Mai to Bangkok Train Tickets

The estimated Trip Duration is 14.7 hours (s)

Please note that Chiang Mai train station is located around 15- 30 twinkles driving distance from the Old City Moat of Chiang Mai.

The train journey starts early morning from Chiang Mai at 06:30 am to 06:00 pm. The lowest fare for 3rd class fan seating coach is THB 227 and 2nd class air conditioning sleeper coach Upper Berth is THB 938.

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