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China Normal Trains with AC

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This video is based on my trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou. I booked a Normal Train (China Normal Trains with AC) from Shanghai to Hangzhou, the fare is about RMB 23.5, the distance is about 160 km and it took 1 hour and 54 minutes for a whole journey.


In this video, you will know about Chinese train tickets, about normal trains, normal train categories etc.

China Normal Trains are actually the cheapest way but not cheap to explore China’s different cities. These trains are usually air-conditioned, well maintained, punctual, seating arrangement depends on your pocket including seats/berths/sleepers etc. China Normal Trains are the best option to explore more and experience with Chinese people. Usually, just a few foreigners travel in slow/normal train due to lack of speaking English staff. But, in my experience you can get help from many Chinese people, they can speak English.

Chinese peoples love to help foreigners.

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