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Osaka to Seoul with Air Seoul Flight Review

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This blog is based on my traveling experience from Osaka to Seoul with Air Seoul flight review. Air Seoul flight number RS 712. We stayed in only one hostel for 4 days because the owner and staff were super nice friendly people from Egypt and Japan. They told us about a discount ticket from any metro station to Kansai International airport.


Osaka Subway to Kansai International Airport Discount Ticket

Discount Ticket

The original ticket price was JPY 1,160 but we bought combined tickets of Subway and Airport Train, so the price is reduced to
JPY 1,020. And we saved here JPY 140.

It is the ticket deals convenient to move from Osaka to Kansai International Airport. When you visit Japan try to catch some of these kinds of deals for subway, trains, tourist attractions, etc. otherwise it will be expensive.

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Immigration at Kansai International Airport Osaka Japan

As we entered Japan from Narita International Airport Terminal 3, Tokyo, immigration was super friendly and officials stamped on the passport while at the exit from Kansai International Airport Osaka, there is also super friendly immigration, No exit stamps. I asked from immigration officer: the officer said No stamp while exiting. They just noted on the computer.

Osaka to Seoul with Air Seoul

We booked a flight for Air Seoul RS 712 from Kansai International Airport Osaka Japan to Incheon International Airport Seoul South Korea at Rs 7,500 a month ago from travel. The number with Air Seoul RS 712. RS 712 is not a Pakistan currency here, it indicates the flight number of Air Seoul.

Protocol for Green Passport

We usually used a term called green passport for a Pakistani passport. It is the 4th worst passport for international travel. It ranked 106th in 2020 and allowed 32 destinations for visa-free access. Pakistani passport ranking is not worst than ever. It ranked 79th in 2006 according to Henley Passport Index.

Covid-19 Screening Test

Now we arrived at Incheon International Seoul South Korea. Before going to the immigration counter there is a screening test for Coronavirus-19. So, everyone should pass this test to enter Korea. In my case, the staff is standing there, wearing a full-covered suit on the screening system. They stopped me and asked:
Staff: Where are coming from?
Me: I am coming from Japan.
Staff: are you from Pakistan?
Me: Yes.

VIP Line

They opened a line for me and said go. I was shocked, no screening test for me. They opened a very special line, which was for VIP people. They stopped every person, there are many peoples standing a line for screening and they have to pass the screening, but for Pakistani nationals no screening.

I was just shocked because all this is due to a green passport, I listened to very bad stories about a green passport but my experience was very good as I understand my passport has.


Immigration in South Korea

The immigration at Incheon International Airport was super duper friendly and the computer gives instructions in the Urdu Language. Immigration Officials did not ask anything or any question. They just give me a passport back with no stamp instead of a paper, the validity of entry and exit mentioned on it.

No Entry OR Exit Stamps

In South Korea, either you are entering the country or leaving the country. They don’t stamp your passport, they just gave you a piece of paper. In which duration mentioned to live in South Korea.

Welcome to South Korea

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