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Travel Guide to China

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Travel Guide to China
Travel Guide to China

Once you are in China you won’t be more than the rest of the world. To access the world, need to know important things, which are the Travel Guide to China OR the Top 10 tips before Travelling to China topic.

1. Install VPN:

why install a VPN? Maybe someone who doesn’t know about VPNs, let me tell you. The most important app, application Install more than one VPN because during the year they will block several VPNs, even some paid VPNs are also blocked.

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2. Google

Google sections are blocked Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Google Maps. Everything related to Google is banned here.

3. ATMs

Use ATMs, don’t exchange money at airports: Money exchanger always charges some extra fees Cash (Cashless country), cash is still king for tourists.

4. WeChat

If you want to make Chinese friends need to download WeChat, it’s a kind of WhatsApp but with lots of things by WeChat. Baidu translator: A perfect translator, it works online perfectly Google translator: A translator application

5. Passport

Keep always your passport with you: because entering to hotel/hostel, train, or buying a bus ticket from the airport, many tourist places ask you for a passport.

6. Hotel/hostel business card (because most Chinese people or taxi drivers are not familiar with English).

7. Tap water in China is not drinkable (always purchase water), somewhere available be careful it might be hot, not hot but too hot, except for some airports, bring tissues, public toilets have no water, no tissues.

8. Local websites: Book through local sites is cheaper than international ones, especially when you book air tickets that are in Chinese but you can translate them through Google Chrome.

9. Trains (always run on time)

10. License: China doesn’t recognize international driver’s licenses.

Welcome to China.

For foreigners who reside or stay in places other than hotels/hostels:
China’s new Exit and Entry Law, which came into effect on July 1, 2013, requires all foreigners to register with their local public security bureau within 24 hours of arrival in the country, and failure to do so will result in a maximum fine of RMB2,000.

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