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How Expensive is Shanghai?

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How Expensive is Shanghai?

This article is based on our personal experience to share with you how expensive is Shanghai. Shanghai is the largest city in the world. This blog is based on the estimated expenditure on food costs in shanghai. In China, all prices of foods are mentioned in half kg (500 g). So, I am telling you by per kg rate and we are most familiar with kilograms per rate. Not a half kilogram.


Daily Grocery Rates

I went to a supermarket for buying some food and the prices are mentioned according to the 2nd of august 2019. Conversion rate (1 Yuan/RMB = 23 Rupees).

In the supermarket, all big brands of soaps were available. The Lux price is 4.80 RMB (Rs 115). All prices are per kilogram. Rice price is RMB 7 (Rs 160), Tomato RMB 5 (Rs 115), Green Chilies RMB 11 (Rs 250), and Potato RMB 5 (Rs 115).


Onion RMB 3.50 (Rs 80), Carrot RMB 4 (Rs 92), Cauliflower RMB 7 (Rs 160), Chicken RMB 23 (Rs 530), Banana RMB 10 (Rs 230). Apples are too expensive and the price is RMB 20/26 (Rs 460/600).

A small cold drink bottle is RMB 2 (Rs 45), and the Milk is RMB 8.50 (Rs 200) per liter.

They charge for Plastic bags. The price is according to the size of the plastic bag and the minimum price is RMB 0.2, 0.3 (Rs 5, 7).

Rent of an Apartment

An apartment is generally more expensive. The cost is starting from around 3,600 RMB (USD 550) per month. One of the upsides of the apartment is that most apartments are furnished in Shanghai. It means you can minimize the initial start-up cost. You can find a nice room in an apartment (apartment has four rooms, one kitchen, and one washroom) for couples in just 1500 to 2000 RMB per month, electricity and water bills are excluded. The room is generally very small but a couple can easily live.

Hope from this blog you get the estimated price of expenditures in Shanghai.

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