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Solo Bike Ride To Kaghan Naran

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This video is all about a solo bike ride to Kaghan Naran on a hundred cc bike, from a China company. Also, people search this term as Naran Kaghan solo bike ride.

In this video, I ride a bike from Mansehra to Kaghan Naran and the distance is 125 km and it takes 7 hours to reach Naran valley. I took lots of time because of very bad road conditions. I turn the bike on Bala Kot, Kaghan and Naran road (N 15) and left Karakoram Highway N 35 at Mansehra. why I left Mansehra? watch the video for the answer.


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Naran is a small town in upper Kaghan Valley, Mansehra (district), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The distance of Naran from Islamabad to Naran is 282 km via Hazara Motorway M-15 or via Mansehra, Naran, Jalkhad, Chilas road. The car ride takes 6 hours to reach Naran. Naran has located 119 km from Mansehra city with an elevation of 2409 meters (7903 ft). Babusar Top is 70 km away from Naran.

What is the best time to visit Naran?

The best time to visit Naran is between June to September and can be a ride or a car ride. I visited in late September 2020 via a solo bike ride and have seen the first snowfall which makes too much cold. The famous point to visit in Naran Kaghan is Babusar Top, which is 70 km from Naran with an altitude of 13,700 ft.

This is a video from the beginning of Karakoram Highway N 35. I transferred the highway from N5 to N 35. Karakoram Highway begins from Hasan Abdal which is aprox. 40 km from Islamabad. Leh is 813 km, Kargill 495 km, Sri Nagar 323 km, Muzaffrabad 145 km, Mansehra 95 km and Abbattabad is 70 km.

While Khunjerab pass is 804 km and Gilgit is 540 km.

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