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Shanghai to Tokyo with Spring Airline

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This video is based on our trip to Japan. In this flight, we flew from Shanghai to Tokyo with Spring Airline Japan. Our flight from Shanghai, China to Tokyo, Japan with Spring Airline Japan, flight number IJ 002. The trip was a super scariest trip because of Coronavirus. Firstly, we thought, we should have to cancel the trip and stay safe at home in China by not going outside, but suddenly we took a decision to travel. All of the scariest reactions watch in my videos here.

When we arrived at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China, all the flights status shown red on the flight board because all the flights were cancelled, except a flight to Dubai and a flight to Japan.


Airport was looking so scary because just a few peoples there, and almost the airport was closed. We just passed an extra step for boarding, did screening due to coronavirus. firstly they did screening before we entered into the airport at the security check. and other step did after the check-in process. Also, we filled an extra medical form and submitted to them before immigration. All the way we wear Masks.

Shanghai to Tokyo with Spring Airline

We booked Spring Airline Japan, flight from Shanghai to Tokyo and we got roundabout in PKR 9,500. As our dates were flexible due to some cheap flights.

We had a flight from Pudong International Airport Shanghai China and landed at Narita International Airport Tokyo Japan. We arrived early morning at Narita Airport.

Immigration at Japan

Immigration of Japan was super easy. They didn’t ask anything from me and other group members. Even they didn’t ask about the return flight ticket. I can say, it was super easiest immigration I had ever passed. This is a different type of trip and will give you amazing experience. because it’s not a solo trip, its a group travelling. We traveled 5 persons in a group to Japan.

Advantages of group travelling

Group travel will help you to reduce travel expenses because everyone will be sharing the costs of accommodation, transportation, food and even tour tickets. The main advantage of group travel is to feel safe with the group members.

Disadvantage of group travelling

Planning a big trip can be stressful, Clashing personalities, Everyone have different interests.

If I was made a plan for Japan as a solo traveller (I am my own boss), I listed these cities, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Japan. But, in group travel, I just visited Tokyo and Osaka.

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