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West Lake Hangzhou China

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This is a video based on my experience to visit on West Lake Hangzhou, I travelled around the Lake, ride bicycle and almost walk 30,000 steps in a day.

West Lake Hangzhou

The West Lake in Chinese Xī Hú is a freshwater lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It includes temples, pagodas, gardens and artificial islands. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Lake in 2011.


West Lake is said to be Heaven on Earth. The beauty of West lake has been documented in lots of Chinese literature by Chinese writers. It was a special thing to know that Mr Jack Ma used to work as an English speaking Guide around the lake.

You can have a great morning walk or evening walk around the lake. In the evening they have a light show too which is awesome. You can take a boat and enjoy the lake. Go to the island in the middle and roam around. Lots of monuments around so you can spend your time as much as you want.

Watch above video to know more about the West Lake.


How to get to West Lake?

By Metro

The west lake is located in the centre of Hangzhou city, so the traffic is very developed. After arriving at Hangzhou east railway station, tourist can go downstairs and transfer to Hangzhou metro line 1 to long Xiang bridge station. After getting off the station from exit D, tourists can walk about 400 meters to the core scenic spot of the west lake.

By Bus

If tourists want to take a bus, you can take Hangzhou bus K4 and get off at Su Causeway station. Take lines 28 and 15 and get off at Juan station. Line 27, line 7 at Yue fen station, tourists can reach the core attractions of the west lake.


West Lake is an open scenic spot, so most scenic attractions do not need tickets. Only a few scenic attractions charge fees, which are: West lake flying peak (lingyin temple) admission (adult): 45 RMB and West lake cruise ticket (adult): 35 RMB

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